4 Hosting Types Compared: Free and Paid Hosting and VPS

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Some hosts:
– https://nearlyfreespeech.net (traditional hosting only)
– https://ramnode.com/
– https://www.netcup.eu/
– https://digitalocean.com (offers “Droplets” which are VPSes)
– https://namecheap.com
– https://bluehost.com
– https://hostgator.com

Free hosting sites that you can point a domain to:
Neocities, Gitlab Pages, Github Pages, WordPress.com, many other sites you probably know of.
Look up in each case how to point your domain to it.

25 thoughts on “4 Hosting Types Compared: Free and Paid Hosting and VPS

  1. Good points on VPS vs the shared hosting. Many hosts' "unlimited" plans are as unlimited as cell phone "unlimited" plans. Total b.s.. However, with multiple domains there is an issue of email servers. This is where black box hosting shine IMHO. For $8 w month I can host "unlimited" domans and have a nice user interface to manage email accounts/aliases. Running, stting up and maintenance of websites themselves is not really a big deal and can be automated with scrips or programs like Ansible with providers like DigitalOcean or Linode for $5-10 a month. How deal with email hosting?

  2. i'm self hosted all the way. but one thing i wish i had was the vps's interface.
    i'd love to be able to spin up virtual machines from a web-browser interface like.
    that really the only feature of vps i'd love to have.

  3. Another option for those doing quite a bit of hosting, is something called a Dedicated Cloud. I just moved from cPanel/WHM do CapRover and containerized all of my websites and apps. $60/mo from Vultr is what i chose. I run about 300 websites.Their dedicated cloud includes a cloud-firewall and DDoS protection, static IPs. I also pay $20/mo for Stackpath that also offers CDN, DNS and smart DNS routing. I run everything from a phone system, Gitlab, docker registry and a lot of websites all in one place. I will add another and load balance sometime in the next few days. It's not for everyone, but it certainly was the next best option for me.

  4. Sorry for spamming – but there is one more advantage to VPS – scalability. Let's say your website is getting very popular. Most of VPS let's you add resources like diskspace, ram etc. easly, without loosing data and with almost no downtime. If you host your website on raspberry from your home then you can have problem – invest in actual server station or move all content to vps anyway.

  5. Totally useless information . When I host parties for swingers to come over I'm sure as hell not going to post anything about it on any web site what I want is more information on food and drinks and music . The guy didn't talk at all about anything like that .

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