ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source ERP System that is Enterprise and Production ready.

I’ve created a demo administrative user for anyone who wants to use it. Hope it helps, un: demo-admin email: [email protected] pw: d3m0-admin-#@! ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source … Read More

Orca screen reader for Linux

Testing your website for accessibility using screen reader technology is a key component for a more inclusive web. Luckily Ubuntu Linux ships with a great free and open source program … Read More

Is The End Of Linux Near?

Viewers have asked my opinion on whether Linux sucks or not, so I thought I would share my thoughts about Bryan Lunduke’s latest video in the “Linux Sucks” series. ‘Watch … Read More

Linux is Too Hard – A Solution!

In this video I address the idea of Linux being too hard, and what you can do about it. ₿💰💵💲Help Support the Channel by Donating Crypto💲💵💰₿ Bitcoin 3MMKHXPQrGHEsmdHaAGD59FWhKFGeUsAxV Ethereum 0xeA4DA3F9BAb091Eb86921CA6E41712438f4E5079 … Read More

The COMPLETE Linux Hardening, Privacy & Security Guide!

The ultimate guide showing how to make Linux as secure, private, and anonymous as we can make it. This video covers hardening Linux, security, privacy, anonymity, passwords, authentication, VPNs, biometrics, … Read More

10 Problems Linux Users Don't Have

GitHub: Thanks for watching! Don’t forget the whole subscribing and liking thing, if you care for it. My BASH and Bourne Shell projects: My PERL projects: My … Read More