Pekora Got Banned From HoloEN Server By Kiara【Hololive | Eng Sub】

Kiara banned Pekora from Hololive English Minecraft Server after she declared that the server is too peaceful. [Source]: 「Usada Pekora」 Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら Tweets by usadapekora 【Takanashi Kiara】 … Read More

Microcontroller programming for the BQ769x2 Battery Monitor Family

Getting started with the BQ76952EVM and BQStudio software  This video is an introductory guide on microcontroller programming to interface with the BQ769x2 family of battery monitors. The purpose of … Read More

It's So CHEAP to Get Started with Linux!

My GitHub: Thanks for watching! Don’t forget the whole subscribing and liking thing, if you care for it. My BASH and Bourne Shell projects: My PERL projects: … Read More

CentOS 怎麼唸?|工程師一定要唸對的英文專有名詞

CentOS 怎麼發音?放在句子裡時該怎麼唸?在這一系列「工程師一定要唸對的英文專有名詞」的影片中,我們會從前端、後端、各種框架和服務的英文專有名詞中,細選條列各種台灣人常用但也常唸錯的字,搭配英文母語人士錄製的音檔,幫助工程師們更精準有效的用英文溝通。 我們也集結了這些專有名詞在「Glossika 工程師一定要唸對的英文專有名詞」免費電子書中,記得往下看下載這本書!也記得追蹤我們的 YouTube 頻道喔! • 免費下載「工程師一定要唸對的英文專有名詞」: • 免費試用 Glossika: • • • 🚀 關於 Glossika Glossika 是由語言學專家和語言學習好手所組成的團隊,致力於用沉浸式的自主訓練方法改變人們學語言的方式,達成外語口說流利目標。 • • • 🚀 追蹤 #Glossika • 官網: • 語言學習免費資源下載: • … Read More

Pekora is going to visit EN server and she will be guided by Kiara [Hololive/Eng sub]

[Clip sources] [切り抜き元動画] 【TF2】古の神FPS「TeamFortress2」で遊ぶぞおおおおおおおお!!!!!ぺこ!【ホロライブ/兎田ぺこら】 [Hololive / Vtuber] Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら / Usada Pekora Takanashi Kiara Ch. hololive-EN / 小鳥遊キアラ ——————————————————————————- [Usada Pekora’s other clips] [兎田ぺこら まとめ] ——————————————————————————- [My … Read More

Linux is a tool

Linux is a tool or software that are being use to do a job. I think we should all remember that from time to time. It’s not the one to … Read More

JingOS Is An Ipad Inspired Linux Distro

#JingOS #Linux Distro #One23Tv JingOS Is An Ipad Inspired Linux Distro Welcome to One23Tv Youtube Channel Please [SUBSCRIBE] My Channel Like & Share And Support Me 🙏🙏🙏 Free All … Read More