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Lecture 2: Let’s build a simple “Hello World” in (PHP) [inKurdish]

Xampp: Sublime Text: گەر هەر پرسیارێکتان هەیە دەربارەی PHP یاخود هەر زمانێکی تر، دەتوانن لە وێبسایتی پڕۆگرامناس پرسیارەکانتان بکەن. #PHP #OOP #Programnas #Kurdish #Kurdistan #ZhinmaGroup source

How to Setup VPN on Android Version 4.x.x – PPTP

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How to Set a Domain Name to IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows Server? | MilesWeb

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Setup to Play With MORE Than 10 Player Slots! ⚔ Valheim Server Tutorial

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How to Install OPTIFINE for MINECRAFT Java 1.14.4 or Newer

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Using PHP to Send E-mail Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol/SMTP – PHP Training Tutorial

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Node.js Crash Course Tutorial #3 – Clients & Servers

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