How I learned my very first programming language.

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Intro to Programming in Alice 3 (4 of 7): Coding

In this video, we’ll have the user code the procedure for the witch to summon the dragon. The witch casts a spell, stirs the cauldron (magically), and the dragon appears. … Read More

Among Us Shorts Series – part 7 #Shorts

To prevent the spread of COVID-19: -Clean your hands. -Maintain a safe 1 meter distance from anyone. -Wear a face mask. -Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth. -Cover your … Read More

Toggle Function Click Drop Down Menus CSS3 JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code: By popular request, learn to program click based toggle menu functionality in JavaScript that will trigger CSS3 transition effects that you specify in your CSS. I believe … Read More

Audio Workshop 6 Playlist Array JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to program an HTML5 audio playlist using JavaScript arrays.

3/5- Install docker & docker compose on CentOS – Urdu/Hindi

In this video, we’ll learn how to install docker & docker-compose on CentOS 8 Commands Step 1: Add Repo dnf config-manager –add-repo= Step 2: Install Docker dnf install docker-ce –nobest … Read More