Tutorial: How to set up server for smoke/strat practice

Buying or selling games or CSGO Skins? http://www.kinguin.net/7en/92d Looking to sign-up to ESEA? http://play.esea.net/?r=368438 If you want, support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/JoshNissan US Customer looking for the same gear as … Read More

Samba Configurable Docker Container Demo. Built on CentOS 6.6

More information such as the steps performed in this demo can be found on the appcontainers website: http://www.appcontainers.com/appcontainerssamba-demo/ Container can be pulled from either the docker hub or quay.io registry. … Read More

DIY Raspberry PI multitrack Linux MIDI looper

Here’s how to turn your Linux Raspberry PI into an easy-to-use, headless (works-without a screen and keyboard) multitrack MIDI looper / sequencer for controlling up to 16 hardware synths live. … Read More

3. Booting Host Linux and Partitioning the Disk – LFS 11.0 on iMac

The Host Linux is booted and the disk partitioned and prepared to take the new Linux From Scratch 11.0 build. Although this series is specifically about installing on the iMac … Read More

Amiga Hardware Programming 45 – Design Tweaks and Scroll Commands

The clouds mirrored and colors tweaked, the raster bar priority is fixed. 23 mins in, I mention scripting methods for actions. I choose bytecodes added to the scrolltext as method … Read More

Amiga Hardware Programming 44 – Double Buffering and Bob Layers

I add clouds of varying sizes, after implementing double buffering. I’ve added chapters to the video for ease of navigation. The cloud drawing, export, and coordinates editing are not shown, … Read More

Linux Distros: Manjaro & PCLinuxOS

Manjaro & PCLinuxOS review and demos. For more information on how to install a Linux distro, see my “Linux Mint 19 For Windows Users” video, as linked below. You can … Read More

Cultic Demo – Linux – Steam Play | Gameplay

proton-GE 6.15-2 Somehow GPU isn’t utlized enough. Runs with proton 6.3-6 and experimental also, but performance is almost half of proton-GE. —- Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/users/xpander69 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xpander69 Website: http://warlords.planet.ee —- Recorded … Read More

.tech .website .store .space .site .press .host .online New Domain Names by Radix

https://radix.website is a domain name service that offers new domain names other than the old ones ending in .net, .com or other common domain name endings. Radix offers domain names … Read More