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How to Homelab – Laptops as Servers?!

In the latest episode of “How to Homelab”, we take a look at the concept of using laptops as servers, and I give you my thoughts. It might just be … Read More

How to create your own Minecraft server using Linux

Minecraft is still as popular as ever, even with Microsoft buying it, and considering it’s been played and active for a long, long time. I’ve played my fair share of … Read More

Checking out Rudder – A Dashboard & Compliance Tool for your Linux Servers

While looking around for some sort of dashboard to keep an eye on my Linux servers, I came across Rudder. Rudder allows you to keep track of all your Linux … Read More

Setting up the YubiKey on Ubuntu (Desktop and Server)

I’ve recently had a chance to check out some newer YubiKeys, and decided to make a video on it. In this video, I’ll show you how to set up the … Read More

4 Hosting Types Compared: Free and Paid Hosting and VPS

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