What is Domain Name (TLD) , Sub Domain & Sub Directory in Website Structure?

Understanding Subdomains and Subdirectories Before we look at which is best for SEO, let’s first take a quick look at the technical difference between subdomains and subdirectories. Subdomain: blog.yourdomain.com Subdirectory: … Read More

4 Hosting Types Compared: Free and Paid Hosting and VPS

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://lukesmith.xyz ?вќ“? DONATE NOW: https://lukesmith.xyz/support ???? Some hosts: – https://nearlyfreespeech.net (traditional hosting only) – https://ramnode.com/ – https://www.netcup.eu/ – https://digitalocean.com (offers “Droplets” which are VPSes) – https://namecheap.com – https://bluehost.com … Read More