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Minecraft + Dropbox = Free server hosting

Minecraft + Dropbox = Free server hosting

Ever wanted a hosted minecraft server for you and your friends? Here is a decent solution for people who cant afford to keep a server running all the time.


Minecraft server:

42 thoughts on “Minecraft + Dropbox = Free server hosting

  1. no… this is not a free server… i can't move an sql server using dropbox, it would be very confused about whats going on… this is also not a server… this is a way to share files.

  2. FREE Xbox live , Psn , £25 amazon , £25 iTunes , minecraft server hosting. Just go to google and search appbounty then Click on the first one and follow all the steps until u get to the invite code section and put in the code mlicvpg This is a hacked a hacked invite code and will get u 10,000 points which will get u some of the above but hurry up before it gets patched ps u will thank me after u have all this cool stuff and payed nothing 😀

  3. I find it a lot easier to port forward (free) and keep that server and the computer on so everyone can join (also free). The only drawback is the increase in the energy bill for keeping the computer on the whole day. Just share your public ip and the port.

  4. Ooh this idea is really cool, but you should change the title because this is absolutely NOT hosting. This is sharing the world folder. You yould direct the minecraft launcher to this world file, but it is more stable to use a server, because it updates your map.

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