Vps de Ponta a Ponta: Bairro São José.

Hoje em nosso programa estou no BAIRRO SÃO JOSÉ este importante bairro de nossa cidade. Particularmente eu tenho um carinho especial pelo São José porque nele eu nasci, cresci e … Read More

php – way

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How to Create RESTful API in PHP | RESTful API With PHP & MySQL

Welcome to this course on Creating a simple REST API in PHP From Scratch. In this video series we will see Create and Consume Simple REST API in PHP. ▶️ … Read More

Part 2 of 6: OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications – API and Service OSGi Bundle

This is part 2 of 6 screencasts that shows how to develop OSGi-enabled Java EE applications using NetBeans and deploy them on GlassFish. The different parts show: 1. Parent POM … Read More

#HoodOffChat Domain Name Scam

Cyber attacks using domain names are commonplace among cybercriminals. These fraudulent domains are used for a wide range of attacks such as wire transfer fraud, phishing, counterfeit good sales, scams … Read More

How 13+ Best Web Hosting UK Picks REVEALED! 🥇 [2020]

How 13+ Best Web Hosting UK Picks REVEALED! 🥇 [2020] If you own a business, webhosting is a need; it’s no longer an optional high-end. Our always-connected world demands that … Read More

How To Make FTB Academy Server Hosting

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#61 Axe Boy | Pro Player | China Server | The Red Church | Identity V

The link below is my new channel “HappyGuy” I will upload the video of pro player survivor in this channel welcome to watch and subscribe please please please #23 Forward … Read More

Chinese App Ban Is Ok But What About VPN Use, Questions Cong's Manish Tewari | ABP News

Congress’s Manish Tewari asked two questions through a tweet, he said, ‘Two questions: 1) What about those accessing banned APP’s via VPN? 2) What about APP’s that will still lie … Read More

✅🌍INTERNET GRATIS Entel, Bitel y Claro, Servers VPS – HTTP CUSTOM, Compatibles Con Juegos Online 📵🔥

Hola amistades que tal!! Bueno amistades aquí reportándome con nuevos servidores para ENTEL, CLARO Y BITEL 🇵🇪 A full 🙂 Tu Apoyo es Importante Papu!!😊👇 • Suscríbete 👏. • Like … Read More