Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

In this video we’ll go over the top 5 programming languages that you should learn in 2020.

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46 thoughts on “Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

  1. I have been coding in C++ since my college life and fell in love with that while practicing for programing contests, then worked with PHP and now I am working with React (JS & Native) in my office.
    I like to do the backend part of my pet projects in Golang. And I love Python for many reasons.
    I am kind of a "jack of all trades master of none".
    But having the experience in working with different stacks during this short period of time, I must say "I do agree with you".
    You put everything together very well. <3
    A tip from me: Don't learn so many things (unless it's really necessary). Master at least ONE language/framework. Then explore as many as you can. I am no expert. But I thought it might help somebody.

  2. Hello this is Pravin n I m studying BCA. sir u r videos is very helpful for me as well as u thgts, I realy enjoyed u r videos ,, sir I love coding n I want to become a software engi .So could u plz suggest me good ideas or how to study perfectly , n one main thg is how to understand the concept n all ,,plz suggest me, it's my humble request to u sir, ex- how did u studied n how did u start u r journey throughout this to become software engineer, just share some good positive ideas
    if u dont mind sir …..
    Thank you……

  3. I would say if you want to excel in placements, better stick to basics of c, cpp and java.
    and topics would be – pointers, threads, Oops.
    I also learnt js,python when lockdown happened, but now companies are visiting my college and they literally dont give a fuck whether you can build great applications on these new tech stack or you have won a hackathon or not.
    Just stick to basics and make sure you know all types of general datastructure problems on Linkedlist,Trees ,heap, hashmaps, etc.
    And not to forget to learn theory on Computer Networks and Operating Systems.
    The whole recruitment process sucks I know, but if i could go back in time I would probably start doing these things earlier instead of going with web dev and other development related things. (cause no company gives a fuck about these)

  4. Sir I want to become software engineer! so I have a question? Can you tell me how you started becoming a software engineer. Please reply What you do for it. e.g. Courses, Where's you starting point? where you go? If possible please make a video and if you made already a video on this topics so please give me a video link………………………………………?

  5. Hlo sr I also want to become software engineer
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ share ur experience about engineering , about ur collage etc.

  6. Hi bro, i just wanted to ask you that i am currently leaning c#, is it good for me to switch to python or continue with c#. i actually wanted to get hold of one back end language and i guess i have picked wrongly. i could've picked python at the beginning. looking forward for your answer

  7. Hee man…. YOUR VOICE IS soo sweet

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