John Lamb Lash: The Ultimate Feat of Predictive Programming

Thumbnail: Typical illustration of the “War of the Worlds” narrative, a sub-plot of predictive programming anticipating the Apocalypse as a hostile alien attack on the earth.

H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds” Invading Television

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John Lamb Lash

A few copies of the first edition are available. They will be collector’s items once the 2021 edition comes out. A good investment even if you don’t read it. However, most fans of the book recommend reading NIHI more than once, so having both editions would be optimal.

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10 thoughts on “John Lamb Lash: The Ultimate Feat of Predictive Programming

  1. Well done. Curious for your take on how Operation Highjump and Neuschwabenland fit in here. It seems clear to me that the victors of the Second World War, were those betrayers allied or perhaps possessed by the Archonic energies, and the UFO “threat” is being parroted alongside the same old insistence that White European stock is the ultimate evil…

  2. So strange .I've always thought that they have been using chem trails to pollute the atmosphere enough for them to get through.
    I'm so glad for Mother Sophia!
    I was told to stay in meditation for protection .

  3. Ollin John,Aliens firing from what could have been Lambeth palace,I like your style, I just have to turn the Houses of Parliament round the other way, for the picture to be exact

  4. John predictive programing was coined by Alan Watt (not Watts)
    and picked up by the big names. Alan Watt has been warning of the coming scientific dictatorship for decades now. In late Feb of this year on his own internet radio show he did a 4 hour piece naming names and organizions with evidence (all in their own writings) connected to (insert suppressed info here) and all that is presently occurring. On March 4 of this year he was found dead in his cabin in Canada and later that week YT closed his channel. I had as much love and affection for him as I do for you and Ginny as he backed up everything with scholarship (in their own words).

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