The Frankfurt server raid (again)

Breaking: More information about the alleged US Army raid in Frankfurt, Germany, to retrieve equipment containing evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential elections.

So, I take a look at these claims. Are they plausible?

I pay special attention to the claims made by Lt. Gen. McInerney and Bill Still of The Still Report.

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39 thoughts on “The Frankfurt server raid (again)

  1. Actually, the Embassy territory is not absolutely sovereign. The local authorities can enter to protect life and limb – to rescue someone who was kidnapped, for example. BUT, the diplomatic fallout – with ANY embassy – would be horrendous. But, look. The area around the Embassy is NOT sovereign and, given there was a massive gunfight in the Embassy building (so we're told), it would likely be immediately locked down by armed local forces who would respond lethally if fired on. And, the SF would be at risk of detention during their entire journey back to Wiesbaden. The US military don't have diplomatic immunity – and in any case, DI doesn't stop you from being detained as Harry Dunn's killer found out. Nope, this story DOES NOT STACK UP – except if you're an American who simply doean;t understand what 'National Sovereignty' means.

  2. 20 years ago I lived two streets away from this area you are talking about (and I still live in Frankfurt). You are totally right, the area is inside a residential area and of course people would have called the police and ambulance in case there would have been any shootings.

  3. I just thought I'd revisit this, 2 months on. So, to the supporters of the "US troops seized servers …" theory. If your theory is true, where is that "proof" now? The terrorist leader Donald Trump's followers had until the 20th January to publish this "proof" yet; nothing.

  4. He didn't say the Kraken was special forces, stop trying to turn it into hyperbole. That and you only need evidence if you're the one making the claim, suppressors work and medical personnel are always in tow. It not an advertisement.

  5. My daughter who speaks German read the twitter feeds (now removed) from Frankfurt and yes there was twitter chatter describing gunshots being heard from the site where the server is supposedly kept. You will find nothing about this discussed on Youtube but you will find it on Rumble.

  6. All ideas have potential merit,
    A conspiracy theory is an idea,
    Ergo, conspiracy theories have potential

    To the un-objective Left, the a priori use of the word "conspiracy" in describing any idea, commits an ad hominem fallacy.
    Also, who said the raid was at a diplomat compound. The report claims the site was a CIA "server farm." I've been to server farms…they can be anywhere.

  7. Excuse me saying so but back in late 50's Johnny Cash (?) had a job in a US army listening station in Germany where masses of radio airwaves were recorded and analysed.
    Can't just remember where it was and it may have been another rock star.
    CIA works against US and is basically above the law.
    It's not a big jump from there to being able to interfere with the 2020 Election.

  8. Why would the assaulting forces try to be noisy? If it were a secret mission, they would try to behave and operate secretly. Things can be done to make weapons relatively quiet.

  9. one can fall from the sky, silent, and unseen at night, and after the job is done, disappear back into the night with the right distraction . I also noticed a public transportation area nearby, that if someone boarded it , appearing as a happy drunk, they would go un noticed. This is just one , of many scenarios to ponder. Also, there is a military base nearby. So anything is possible

  10. As an armchair researcher why didn't you take the lead and try and interview some local residents near the consulate? If you are that willing to commit your time from your cozy abode why not venture out into the cold and get your information directly like many other brave investigative journalists. By making these cozy indoor observations you do no service but try to dissuade the general populace with your posts from looking no further so case closed. The All Roads lead to Rome and Leonardo via Barcelona and Frankfurt seems to have slipped past your limited radar. Real research will tell you everything you need to know to a point. Dominion is the key to all elections around the globe – the importance of these servers in Frankfort cannot be underestimated for the wealth of data they contain. Time will tell shortly as to their contents and the use of Leonardo Spa military satellites and the the NATO involvement in trying to remove Trump and the political fallout that will ensue. Remember Trump's EO 13848 – he knew what the Deep State would do and allowed it to happen – war gamed – trap set they all go down – The Art of War by Sun Tzu – and in chess you sacrifice your pawns first then your Queen ….. more later hahaha.

  11. As one who spent 40 years investigating all types of civil and criminal incidents, I ask you with all respect, why don't you get out of your chair and go there and maybe knock on some doors You'll be surprised what you find.

  12. Why does the US CIA need to shoot someone? They could calmly go there with a group of specialists on the instructions of the president with the relevant papers and calmly inspect everything and seize what they needed. Or is the US embassy not subordinate to the president?

  13. Frankfurt was a link from Rome, Italy bounced off of the Military Satellite Leonardo funded by 400 million of taxpayer money placed in the Vatican Bank by Obama in the final days of his Presidency. Obama planned it all.

  14. An Embassy is NOT a "sovereign territory", you say……but it's host country Law Enforcement can NOT enter it? Even if there's been A MURDER?
    Hmmm…..I'm confused.

  15. You seem to view yourself as an arbiter of the veracity of online news items. It appears, that you would have viewers infer, that your inability to locate and verify information is sufficient reason to disbelieve it ( How exhaustive was your search ? Did you even move out of your chair to investigate questionable claims? ) Your failure to locate quotes or other information to corroborate the story is , at best an anemic basis to afford you even the smallest measure of credibility. Allow me to enlighten you, to the fact, that the presentation and availability of online information is routinely skewed in order to discredit President Trump and ALL material supportive of his administration. Therefore, a more muscular investigation would be required., unless you harbored a predetermined outcome. Additionally, you omitted to cite your research protocols nor did you present your journalistic/ investigative credentials. This is very common among amateur journalists however it neither reflects journalistic integrity nor is it inspiring to a viewer.

  16. The government is obviously conspiring against trump. I don’t even think that’s arguable at this point.
    The election…well there’s 1000 of sworn statements, video evidence, data, and the fact that some precincts have well over 100% voting.
    The kraken is a combination of many different types of surveillance combined into one system.
    It shouldn’t be hard to find footage of nothing happening at the time it supposedly happened.
    Bear in mind, the general might be getting fed bad info from someone that he doesn’t know what their situation is.
    Like I said, in this case it should be very easy to find footage of nothing, it being a city.

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