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rFactor 2 | Dedicated Server Tutorial

rFactor 2 | Dedicated Server Tutorial

This one took quite a while to create so if you find it useful I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to the channel, or at least for those of you who are not already. Add a like as well, again if you found it useful, and I would appreciate any comments or questions you might have below. Or at least this was one of the more complex tutorials I’ve attempted to I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on the topic 😉

Get rFactor 2 on Steam |

Links and commands referenced in the tutorial:
1. Download Installer:

2. Download Command: steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ../rFactor2-Dedicated +app_update 400300 +quit

3. Server Shortcut link: C:Racingrfactor2-dedicatedBin64rFactor2 Dedicated.exe” +path=”..”
[NOTE only copy +path=”..” at the end of the string if your application installation path is different]

4. Download content command: steamcmd.exe +login USERNAME PASSWORD +workshop_download_item 365960 505225177 +quit

Router ports for port forwarding:
UDP 54297
UDP 64298
UDP 64299
TCP 54297
TCP 64297

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – 1. Setting up your router and port forwarding
05:47 – 2. Downloading the dedicated server installer and setting it up
11:42 – 3. Downloading car and track content for the dedicated server using the command line
21:15 – 4. Installing content downloaded using the command line method
22:55 – 5. Creating a race event for the dedicated server
39:10 – 6. Using content from Steam in the dedicated server
45:01 – 7. Using rFactor 2 on Steam dedicated server

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2 thoughts on “rFactor 2 | Dedicated Server Tutorial

  1. Thank you for doing this. I am running everything on one PC. I got this working once. But now see the game running once I fire up the DS. I will try your launcher trick and also double check my IP. Set it to static. That might do the trick 👍🏻

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