XQC Leaks What's Behind The Lower Vault POG – Ming | NoPixel Public Server

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18 thoughts on “XQC Leaks What's Behind The Lower Vault POG – Ming | NoPixel Public Server

  1. Support all of the streamers of NoPixel, links in the description. Please don't shit talk any of the streamers in these videos, criticism is fine, but just being toxic is not cool, thanks 🙂

  2. lol how does he keep coming up with these stories? xD that would be amazing if it was real tho. like a movie scene where the end shows em sailing off into the sunset to WL… but where does WL server vault boat go tho? if it goes to public I'd lose my shit laughing.

  3. YOU GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEE lmao.. im honestly going crazy.. as a cg viewer i dont care anymore who does it first i just wanna know whats on the second vault 🥲….. for making us wait long it should be something crazy

  4. Everyone knows X doesn’t actually want to go back to the WL server right? He basically owns this secondary server and already has done more on this server than the WL. If he goes back to the WL he will just get mad over and over because cops and rules will actually be enforced. Same thing with Ming

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