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Why video call services are useful and why you should have implemented them yesterday

The coronavirus has changed the way people live, forced them to adapt to new conditions. Many ordinary things – work, study, shopping, social connections – have been forced to move online. Against this background, the popularity of services that allow you to make video calls and communicate with colleagues, friends and family has sharply increased. The high demand for video communication services was observed all over the world.

In this article, we will consider how the popularity of video calls has changed during the pandemic, and what are the benefits of using such services. But first, a little theory …

What is a video call service

Video calling is a way of communication between people where users can see and hear each other, and can exchange files or display media such as a desktop or an open program.

Nowadays there are many different services, the functions of which include video calls and chats to connect with people. Video calls allow you to communicate at a distance, while seeing and hearing each other as in full-fledged live communication.

With video calling services, you can hold meetings, study and even shop from the comfort of your home. That is, video calls turn out to be useful in various areas of business, during the pandemic it became especially clear.

How COVID-19 Affected Ecommerce

COVID-19 has contributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce around the world – people have appreciated the ease, convenience and safety of online shopping.

Research shows that since the start of the pandemic, both the number of Internet users and the number of users of online stores have increased worldwide.

Online shopping in the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has had a long-term impact on people’s lifestyles. For example, on average, the number of users who would prefer online purchases instead of visits to a store has increased by almost 50%.

Online shopping in the pandemic

Surprisingly, even the older generation reacted to global changes. During the pandemic, not only young users, but also people aged 55 to 64 have become more interested in online shopping.

How online shopping has changed in the pandemic

Online stores should take into account new realities and pay attention to online call services. If young users are able to deal with purchases on sites, then the older generation may have difficulties. An online consultant, if necessary, will answer questions, help you find the item of interest and complete the purchase to the end.

How COVID-19 Affected Work

The spread of the coronavirus has led many companies to transfer employees to a telecommuting format. Thus, studies show that 35% of the surveyed organizations transferred more than 90% of employees to telecommuting. 83% of businesses sent at least half of their staff to work from home.

What part of office employees worked remotely

Business meetings, meetings, planning meetings went to the Internet. As a result, the demand for video communication platforms has grown. For example, by April 2020, traffic to Skype.com has quadrupled to 100 million monthly visits, compared to 25 million in the fall of 2019. Zoom reached 200 million users in March 2020, while the service had only 10 million users in December 2019. And the number of visits to the Google Meet site at the end of last year exceeded 1.25 billion, a year earlier this number did not exceed 100 million.

Polls show that, on average, at least a quarter of users plan to work from home even after the pandemic is over. This means that video call services will remain in demand for at least several more years.

Number of users planning to use video calling services after the pandemic

Why video call services are useful for users and business

Online shopping and online communication have become, if not necessary, then at least an essential part of the way of life. Video communication allows ordinary users to solve many everyday problems, business – to optimize the work process, increase sales.

Let’s dwell on the advantages that video call services give us in more detail.

For users

  • More convenient than shopping!

You no longer need to go to the store to see or buy the item you like. An online store allows you to make purchases while sitting at home in a comfortable armchair, and an online video consultant can answer any questions and even show the item of interest.

  • Communication without borders

Video calling services allow you to communicate with family and friends, wherever they are.

For business

  • Increase in conversion and average check

Each site visitor assesses the convenience of the resource, relevance, design. Each of the components influences the consumer’s decision – to close the website page after a couple of seconds, or to read the text to the end and make a purchase decision.

The built-in online video call service helps the consumer to quickly get feedback from the consultant, to strengthen the perception of the product as “friendly” and “understandable”. This allows you to increase the number of people who want to use this product / service or purchase a particular product.

  • Trade without borders

Video call services also allow you to conduct business remotely and more efficiently in terms of time management. The ability to interact with colleagues, as well as conduct online meetings without having to meet in the office, allows companies to save time and quickly share information.

  • Cross-sale and up-sale sales

An additional convenience of online sales is the demonstration of the advantages of an advanced product and associative products.

video call services for business


When a user visits the site in search of an item of interest, he is offered many variations of this model in different price categories. With the help of a video call service, the consultant can convince the client that if he spends a little more money on a more expensive model, he will receive more benefits than from a cheaper model. Thus, we will increase the value of the sale – “Up-sale”.


Also, the user may be interested in additional accessories for the model of interest. For example, after buying a phone, the consumer displays goods on the screen that will be useful for an already purchased product – headphones, external batteries, etc. The consultant will be able to provide the necessary information to the buyer and increase the average check due to additional sales to the main purchase – “Cross-sale”.


Here are 3 main takeaways.

1. Now that more than half of the world’s population uses the Internet, it is worth adapting to the current realities. If before the business ignored them, now we advise you to include video calling services in the brand as much as possible.

2. Do not make categorical predictions. Just as electronic databases will not completely replace paperwork anytime soon, work from home most likely will not replace office work, and e-commerce will not replace all physical stores.

However, human behavior is changing due to the pandemic. You need to understand how these changes will affect the demand for your brand’s products and services, as well as how you can change your marketing activities to achieve maximum efficiency.

We advise you to use a “balanced approach”, that is, combine offline and online trading, adjusting to the target audience and increasing the reach of potential consumers. ·

3. Track unobvious trends. Many trends appear gradually, without a visible “tipping point” that forces you to pay attention to them and act on them. What 10 years ago seemed like a “novelty” and something unusual, now seems so widespread and popular that it is difficult to imagine life without it.

It is necessary to respond to changes and simulate the consequences of these changes by investing in something that does not seem to have significant benefits at the moment. In our opinion, embedding video calls in websites and online stores is perhaps an unobvious, but promising contribution to the future of business.


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