Why Linux Is Better For Programming
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Article on common commands in Linux and what they are used for: https://www.ubuntupit.com/best-linux-commands-to-run-in-the-terminal/

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By admin

50 thoughts on “Why Linux Is Better For Programming”
  1. There is a one more thing that i think you should say. Windows comes with a lot of stuff that is preinstalled, and some of these software you can't actually uninstall. The example is Cortana or Microsoft Store. When you deciding to install linux, you can choose a distribution, where nothing unnecessary is preinstalled (like Arch Linux) or if you choose linux with a lot of preinstalled stuff (like Ubuntu) you can easlly uninstall whathever you want.
    And when you told about usefull error messages you could aslo say something about processes. Well in Windows when system is something doing (like configuring an update) you se only "configuring an update". In linux you see exactly what is configuring and in what way.

    Anyway good job. The video is great

  2. You said to install a program you call the command "sudo apt-get whatever" but i this is only the case on debian based distro's. On arch it's "sudo pacman -S whatever" and on most distro's there's an app store where you can install packages

  3. Misleading, you also need to know the command to install program.
    Which means you need to look it on browser and you can potentially copy fake command!!!

  4. Nice vid Kale! However, Linux 's "security" is not so much due to constant patching as much as it is from a lack of being targeted, something that has been changing in recent years. While a crushing majority of the planet still uses Windows, most malicious actors target that specific OS.

    To drive my point home take a look at the "RotaJakiro" backdoor going unnoticed for 3 years since 2018. Just making it clear why people claim Linux is more "secure".

  5. IРІР‚в„ўve used Linux for many years before, but now both kde and gnome getting worse and worse, as quality of GUI software in general. Last couple years used windows 10 and tried Ubuntu and kubuntu month ago, after couple days came back to windows 10 and very happy. Everything is very smooth and fonts looks just awesome. Using my pc for full stack js development.

  6. It should mainly be about privacy and freedom. We can only guess what data and how much data Microsoft and Apple are collecting from our machines. It's just unacceptable. And Apple doesn't even let you uninstall the preinstalled apps on MacOS! I can't even uninstall apps from my own computer? How are they getting away with this?

  7. Customization is huge!! It's not just appearance. You can make the machine work the way you want it to (as you stated), but that is the crux of the matter… FREEDOM!! Send the message to the corporate overlords: I choose freedom (as in free speech, though it's often as in free beer, also). </rant> Great video, btw! One of the best I've seen of this type, and I've seen many. 🙂

  8. 04:15 you just show how to use the terminal to get software, but to the masses it is not appealing. There are package managers with GUI that come preinstalled on every major linux distro. Why didn't you show them?

  9. Very new hardware can still make you spend weeks getting things to work correctly and make you have to use unsupported kernels. My Lenovo t15g, especially using external monitors and getting ACPI to work correctly, made me lose a lot of sleep.

  10. I dare you to answer why to Linux users have to always tell or convince the world at every opportunity that Linux is so much better for development then anything else out there?
    I use all 3 major OS's to do my daily work and literally there is nothing on any of these platforms available that I cannot do on the other.
    I am a developer and use Visual Studio on Windows for all my Xamarin and .Net projects. Not that it is better or faster on Windows but it is for me the most comfortable environment.
    I have Visual Studio for Mac on my Mac though I could .Net and Xamarin on Linux unfortunately the only real tool there is Jetbrains Rider but I don't have a license for that and there is no community edition.
    Still always wonder why and this is not limited to Linux users but also the Mac users always have to try to convince you that they are using the best environment for developing.
    Maybe I am just realistic in my approach and use whatever I feel most comfortable..

  11. I tried to switch from Win to Linux and didn't work out, simple because the UI is so bad and slow (all zooming, swiping and so on).
    Maybe my fault of configuration, but I like that in windows everything works from the box ,and I don't need to spend 2weeks to setup click on touchpad 🙂
    I end up to using Windows for all UI task + Photoshop +Ux+Video making and WSL2 and Terminal for all programming related task.
    Thanks for the content!

  12. Didn't mention the biggest reason to use Linux for programming. Chances are the applications you work on will be deployed to a Linux server and writing, running and testing your code on the same OS that it's being deployed to is not a trivial benefit!

  13. 3:00 people who use Arch, distroРІР‚в„ўs based on Arch, Fedora, and/or the many other distroРІР‚в„ўs which donРІР‚в„ўt use apt, but rather use pacman, yum, RPM, etc.: disappointment intensifies

    I use Arch btw

  14. When the production platform is windows based, I would use windows for devops. When the production platform is linux based, use linux for devops.

    Thinking there are no viruses etc targeted at linux, is pretty dumb. You then qualify for the chief incompetent officer and should quit IT because you are too incompetent for IT.

  15. "Actually, It's GNU+Linux, and you hurt my ego so bad for calling "Linux" the OS as it's just the kernel of overlaying GNU software! /s

    But seriously, It's great software. I personally think everyone should try it at least once in life. by try it, I mean give it an extended trial as a daily driver for a year or two. Especially the Debian Branch (Ubuntu and derivatives, i.e. Mint, Pop! Elementary etc) Only go for arch(Manjaro, Artix etc) if you seek a challenge!

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