Why are Companies Migrating from Javascript to Go!?

Today we will understand why are companies migrating from Javascript to Go. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Javascript’s only advantages
1:37 Javascript and NodeJS’s origin
2:40 Reason #1
3:19 Reason #2
4:56 Reason #3
6:13 Reason #4
7:42 Sources
8:22 Outro

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15 thoughts on “Why are Companies Migrating from Javascript to Go!?”
  1. I have already migrated to the Golang backend (Fiber). Before that, I use Nodejs for my backend but it has performance issues, I try something fast and I choose Rust but compile time is very slow, and get frustrated with the borrow checker, development is slow but performance is the best. Java and Kotlin use a lot of rams performance are very good but very long syntax and unnecessary complex. Finally, I choose Golang because its performance is stupid fast not fast like Rust, compile time is stupid fast, rams use is little not little like Rust, and development is also stupid fast.

  2. if you really care for performance there is Rust; if you dont, which in most backend apps its not a priority, TS is better (integrates better with frontend and access to more developers). Either way Go is niche use case

  3. Oh man!… nowadays we use only typescript for programming. We even have deno project to run typescript directly. That is like nodejs. Performance issues? JS engines do great optimizations and for most applications it is not the issue. In web servers JS cannot achieve the performance of golang, that is true, but that is not required for most projects! And if we talk about performance – you should see c++ frameworks or even rust based.
    Tired of you, experts, that make such comparisons! There is NO reason to migrate TS project if it works fine. It has types, it performs, the syntax of the language is so much richer, than golang! And that is very ez to work with it.
    Golang IS beautiful language! I do like start new projects on go, instead of TS, but I would never say TS will not work for usual server.
    I would instead ask requirements for project, bcs golang is compiled and we can have many metrics better. But if you have simple web app – that is ez to go full stack on TS.
    Here was my mistake.

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