Who should use Linux?


After the Linux Challenge and various other videos showing who should NOT use Linux, lets talk about who SHOULD use Linux.

Rodney Mullen Ted Talk: https://youtu.be/3GVO-MfIl1Q
Linux Challenge Finale: https://youtu.be/Rlg4K16ujFw

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  1. "Funny, when I was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe"—–But everytime when I was replaying Skyrim I always choose FREEDOM, that's why I'm a Linux guy

  2. After using a (bland) arch rice with ratpoison for several years, when it came to installing a new is due to corruption I just went “meh, Ubuntu will do” and never switched since. I don’t even bother with themes anymore

  3. I'm happy with Zorin Core. Don't feel the need to customize. Tho I did switch to Wayland, which is available on the lock screen. Everything seems to run better. Zero glitches.

  4. I'm a lifetime user of linux (kde environment) and sometimes tweak it a bit to change the usage.
    The freedom one has is the most important thing, not only the freedom to make it look and work how you like.
    Most important is that it can't be owned by nasty people like snake oil seller Gates or a annoying stubborn apple nerd.

    Governments should not allow commercial software on their computers.
    The problem is that governments are not working for the people anyway, they act like corporations and follow orders
    from corporate entity's like WEF.
    The Russians disrupted their nasty plans maybe for a moment, but sh't is gonna hit the fan big time really soon.

  5. Titus you are one of the few people I like to follow on Youtube, but lately you have become very arrogant. For some (as in your case) Linux is something extraordinary. You can do anything, and for what you can't do, you take the time to solve and use it 100%. For others (as is my case), even if I like linux, I stay on windows every day just because I don't have time to worry and make any program I need into a linux compatible program. And there are others, such as my children, who simply enjoy what Windows has to offer and learn Linux just for a future job. You don't do well to judge the world by what they use, You don't do well to consider yourself superior to others (LINUS) because you use Linux and he doesn't want to use it.If I hadn't started with Linux in my youth, I probably wouldn't have known what it was at this time. Please be good and don't consider yourself the center of the universe anymore. Be a normal Linux user, not an arrogant one that people only hate when they look at the video clip thumbnail. A little editing and a little humility doesn't hurt.

  6. I’m nearing the 1 year anniversary of my migration to Linux, namely Fedora Workstation. I’ve enjoyed the experience very much, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  7. Don't tell who should use Linux, who's not. The point is – lazy Windows user should read little about what he wants to use. Thinking that using Linux is like free Windows is….. Ask LTT – after he born he has encoded Windows using?? He maybe don't remember of don't want remember bugs, sht and crashing in Windows 95,98, me and other.

  8. I switched to Linux because older laptops don't function well with the mother Windows OS. My first Linux experience was with Mint off a flash drive. I'm barely a member in the geek club but it was easy.

  9. @0:11 If you are a gamer you should use Linux, too. Unless, you play games that aren't supported enough or require major tweaking but … I don't play those games. 😜 Saying if you are a gamer you shouldn't X, Y, Z platform makes no sense, unless you play games that aren't supported or always play the newest shit with the newest hardware available. 😀
    @1:16 Unless you don't like the company and its corporate politics.

  10. If you just want to use a computer used macOS or Windows

    If you want to actually use your computer the way you want use Linux, I mean you can even delete your bootloader (not that you should)

  11. my 11 year old began gaming on linux couple of days ago and he is realy impresed…. i do video editing and graphics , (ex mac user for 15 years)…in Linux any time a ran into something , everything was solved a couple of clicks away on forums. I have already got some paychecks doing my work on open source… Just got fed up with apple overpricing, no upgradability and windows constantly charging apps and boring updates…..Manjaro and KDE NEON, are simply the best monsters i have known up to date…Now my workflow is going 50% linux, 25% windows 25% Mac….and numbers will keep changing favoring the Penguin. by the way,,,, your channel ROCKS!!!!

  12. I've found a new thing today while doing the Linux foundation course on edX, use of pushd and popd to moving up and down the directory tree.

  13. I think this could also be said for building your own computer vs. using a pre-built. Your get much more control over what you want. However, with that said I think that we will soon reach a point where Linux market share will decrease because of the barrier to entry. Unless you have an easy method of getting people in, which Google of all companies may do except with the same problems people wanted to run away from in Windows.

  14. I love MacOS, I love all the services and Continuity, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't constantly throwing up Ubuntu or Manjaro in a VM and just screwing around. Linux makes using computers fun, if frustrating at times, and who knows, maybe I'll go back to Linux being my daily driver again someday.

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