When building a brand and a website, the first thing you’ll want to do is buy a domain name. There are so many registrars out there, so where should you buy a domain?

Domain registrars (in order):

GoDaddy: https://craylor.co/godaddy
Dynadot: https://craylor.co/dynadot
Porkbun: https://craylor.co/porkbun
Hover: https://craylor.co/hover
Namecheap: https://craylor.co/namecheap
Google Domains: https://craylor.co/gdomains
Domain.com: https://craylor.co/domaindotcom

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48 thoughts on “Where should you buy a domain name? (2020) | 7 Options Compared”
  1. after net4india issue, there is nothing like best domain name Co.

    if Co. closes your domain names are lost, even icann cannot do anything… except for only 1 case, where you business name is same as your domain name, in that case,you are entitled to save just 1 domain name… do google about this issue learn and save your money friends

  2. Thank you! I was about to buy a domain from GoDaddy, as k don't know much about web building. After hearing your opinion, I did some more research and have now decided to stay away. Thanks!

  3. NAMECHEAP has the worst customer service! I learned my lesson. Do not pay for a domain NAME for CHEAP. Pay for value. Buy from Porkbun or GoDaddy. I now learn from this nightmare, NAMECHEAP is (its in the name) CHEAP.

  4. NAMECHEAP has the worst customer service! I learned my lesson. Do not pay for a domain NAME for CHEAP. Pay for value. Buy from Porkbun or GoDaddy. I now learn from this nightmare, NAMECHEAP is (its in the name) CHEAP.

  5. Is there a way that someone can tell if a domain name keeps being searched by different merchants? Someone bought the domain name IРІР‚в„ўve wanted and is now trying to sell for $1000….

  6. this was extremely helpful, after looking at a couple of your videos i'm excited to move forward with HostStinger. So glad i didnt go with GoDaddy. Thank you!

  7. If a domain you want to buy is available at a high price – Premium domain – and that price differs at different registrars, doesn't that ultimately have an impact on where you buy your domain from? For example, one registrar may have a higher annual renewal fee, but a lower initial domain price. Also, maybe Namecheap is called so because it offers the lowest prices for Premium domains, not necessarily annual renewal rates?

  8. I am trying to decide based on terms and conditions. Porkbun's terms and conditions make me angry. They can cancel your hosting service… if they choose to. The length of the agreement is obnoxious, but that seems to be the case across the board. But they are making me read about the hosting service even though I am not signing up for it…obnoxious. But two of the agreements with Porkbun are virtually identical, so they want you to read a lot of it twice, which is again, obnoxious.

    NameCheap and Dynadot have a bunch of separate web pages to read instead of two or three, which is annoying and obnoxious.

    Is there one that has a short ___and reasonable___T&C and privacy policy?

  9. Do not buy at namecheap This is russian mafia is the biggest fraud at the market. Currently i have an open lawsuit against them, because they empty my saved basketwith high ranked domain names and 1 day later none of them was available and the biggest fraud is, that i have bought a domain for 99dollars and 2 weeks later they try to tell me that the domain is not longer available.

  10. hi, i have a couple questions. i heard from a friend that i can creat a .com name and list it for sale and so i have no idea how to do this. is this called buying a domain name? is buying a domain name the same as creating a .com? if i choose one of these companies to create or "buy" a .com, how do i list it for sale? final questions, lets say i have 20 domain names i have come up with, is each one going to be a separate fee, and do these have to be renewed each year? thanks for the help

  11. Have seen reviews saying namecheap is spammy/scammy. Namecheap and Godaddy will sell Domain names you search to scammers and resellers??? It seems Google is the only one that doesnt

  12. You signed up to a tech hosting service using your FACEBOOK account? I professional techies knew better than to do this. Don't. Do. That. In fact, don't use ANY sso provider unless you have to.

  13. cheapname is expensive – can I cancel their order after purchase and buy the same domain from dynadot immediately ? Do I have to wait for a period or is it immediately available to buy it after cancelling?

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