Where is CHRIS? And who is ELI? 😱 | ZAP-Hosting

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33 thoughts on “Where is CHRIS? And who is ELI? 😱 | ZAP-Hosting

  1. Wer Raz sucht, sollte mal bei Ankerkraut vorbeischauen – (If you are looking for raz, you should visit Ankerkraut) Btw. it's not about cabbage – it's about high quality spices and love! 😉

  2. Dear Elie aka Rugile,
    Nice to see your first zap-hosting video.
    Raz owed me some pizza therefore you now owe me some pizza as you have taken his role.
    Many thanks
    – From the zap-hosting helper Daniel

  3. Hi, nice to meet you. I think I have a nice video idea and I already wrote with ZAP on Instagram about it: Maybe you can make a video, how the servers comes into the data center. It is very interesting, how you build the servers and how it is connected in the network. Good luck to you!

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