Hey Guys,
This video is the 2nd part of my Web development series in which i explain you what is web hosting, what is web server.
Difference between windows & Linux server. What is Shared Hosting, VPS (virtual private server) & Dedicated hosting in Hindi.
I will also explain you how you can buy Web hosting or server easily in simple steps from different websites.

These are direct link not affiliate links,
Because i don’t want to Earn from you i just want to Teach you 🙂

Godaddy: https://in.godaddy.com/
Bigrock: https://bigrock.in/
Namecheap: https://namecheap.com/
DigitalOcean: https://digitalocean.com

Queries Solved:
1) What is Web Hosting
2) Website Server Linux vs Windows
3) Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated server details in Hindi
4) How to buy Web Server or Web Hosting
5) Process of buying website hosting in Hindi
6) Buy from: Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, DigitalOcean, etc

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30 thoughts on “What is Web Hosting ? | How To Buy Web Server | Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Linux or Windows Hosting”
  1. Hello I purchased my domain from hostinger and shared web hosting from hero hosty . I had connected my name servers already now when I'm adding add-on domain to hero hosty website it is saying you have reached 0 add-on domain ..now what to do please suggest

  2. मेरा न्यूज़ पोर्टल का सर्वर बार बार बन्द हो जाता है। साइड नही खुलती जिनसे बनवाया है उन्हें कई बार फोन करो तब 4 – 5 दिन में सुधारते है Р°ТђВ¤ कृपया मार्गदर्शन दे।

  3. I have been following you from you website purchase video and watching continue.
    Thank you for making such an informative videos step by step.
    "You got a new SUBSCRIBER with pressing the bell icon"?

  4. बहुत "घुमा फिरा के" बोलते हो а¤Їа¤ѕа¤° ….
    फिर भी बहुत सही और अच्छा बोलते हो.

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