Learn what programming means and what you might work on as a software developer. Discover different programming languages and different programs we can build with code. Learn what it means to code in this tutorial!

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28 thoughts on “What is Programming?”
  1. Hi dude I am getting jelousy with you, I have only 540 subscribers ?, I wish to learn from you how you create such an amazing videos, your fluency, editing, voice and what camera microphone, and editing tool you are using. Guide us we are following you step by step ?

  2. Hi . My name is amar . I am a basic learner and already know html and css a little bit. Now i want to learn java script or anything to understand web developing. Can you help me to understand more about this. I am confused about java , JavaScript , python and many other things . I don't know what's to do and what not to .???

  3. Its great you are doing all these tutorials, marvellous gift for those starting out brand new to this stuff. You can always tell when someone is passionate about something because they spend and devote their time to contributing stuff like this, which is awesome. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. So much reverb and boxiness. Get a better mic. Programming is you type shit into the machine. OUT SHIT comes of the machine. jump.off(bridge); // good computer now you have saved human society of addiction. 😀

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