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What Is a Server?
Generically speaking, a server is a software component or a dedicated hardware that can accept requests from multiple clients, providing suitable responses after processing these requests.
The device that makes the request, and receives a response from the server, is called a client.
A server is a centralized machine where multiple clients can connect through LAN or over the internet through which they can connect to a server to request for a specific service.
Requested service can be anything
For ex-:the video which you are watching was uploaded by me on youtube and is hosted on the youtube server and you are able to stream or watch by using youtube app/webpage on your phone or laptops
Client requests youtube server to stream the video and the youtube server responds back with the content.

Server is not just a physical computer but rather a role that computer takes

Lets see some of the common Types of servers
Application server
Database server
Domain name service
File server
Mail server
Web server

Some servers are committed to a specific task, often referred to as dedicated.
Like they are only dedicated to handle one of these requests only
Such as one server for website or one server for database or one server for email server. This can happen only in large organization.

But in small organization where the requirements are not as much as large organization you can set up a server to handle all those request in a single machine.
which can take on the responsibility of e-mail, DNS, and even multiple websites in the case of a web server.

Can my Home computer be used a server?
As i said earlier
Server is not just a physical computer but rather a role that computer takes
That means you can setup any desktop computer as server.
Any computer,or laptop or even mobile phone can act as a server with the right software.
For example,
In home networks, personal computers can be used as file server to share files between other devices on your network.

Hardware Components of a server
Central processing unit (CPU): Unquestionably the most important component of any node the CPU (aka processor) is responsible for the majority of processing jobs and calculations.

Main memory: The CPU uses these fast, volatile storage areas to directly access data retrieved from files and programs that are being worked on.
Main memory can be also referred to as random-access memory (RAM), mainly because the CPU can possibly access any part of it.

Internal storage: Most servers have an internal device that allows the recording and reading of data for multiple purposes such as loading the operating system and storing application information. The most usual internal storage devices are hard drives,

Network interface controller (NIC): This is a hardware device that controls the communication between a server and the network.

Peripherals: These are auxiliary devices that perform particular functions such as data input, output, or specialized processing. Some examples are the mouse, keyboard, and printer, among many others.

Server can host different types of Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS

Two different models of servers offered by Cisco are

Cisco UCS-C series
Cisco UCS-B series

in my next session i will be discussing about the different types of network topology architectures

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