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Welotec VPN Security Suite - Industrial VPN made easy

Welotec VPN Security Suite – Industrial VPN made easy

When managing a high number of distributed industrial devices the field, connectivity and device access is key. However, setting up a secure VPN infrastructure which combines IT and OT comes along with a high effort in handling and coordination, especially in case of IT-Security.

With Welotec VPN Security Suite plant operators, machine builders and device manufacturers benefit from an easy and secure way to collect data from industrial distributed devices. It allows a secure access to any PLC, IPC or HMI. Devices with OpenVPN or Container support become an industrial NAT device.

As a crucial source, data access and analysis define business success in diverse ways:

Data Analysis
– Data gathering for increased efficiency and better decision making
– Improved analysis and processing through integration into further systems (e.g. Big Data, Monitoring)

Secure Remote Access
– OT VPN Secure industrial remote access to distributed devices and machines from all around the world – 24/7 access
– Increased efficiency through less effort in travel and staff presence

Business Model
-Better service quality through reduced down-times
– Potential for new services and business models (e.g. Software-as-a-Service, Equipment-as-a-Service)

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