VPN Companies Sued By Filmmakers | 4 VPN Companies Named | Could This Be A Problem For Streamers?

Movie Companies files Lawsuit Against VPN Providers!! Four Companies Targeted so far. How does this affect streamers?
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Movie companies busy filing repeat infringer litigation now targeting VPNs

14 Eyes

What countries are in the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes agreements?


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16 thoughts on “VPN Companies Sued By Filmmakers | 4 VPN Companies Named | Could This Be A Problem For Streamers?

  1. I use IPvanish and it is a decent VPN . I rely on it and it does well. I only pay 10 bucks a month, which isn’t bad. It was not one of the 4 that you mentioned. I have little concern for the others. My VPN is getting done what I need. Peace.

  2. The biggest abusers of copyright laws are often the copyright holders themselves, if they weren't so greedy they will be little 'piracy'. I'm no conspiracy theorist but there might be more to this. With the establishment going after VPNs, decentralised internets, cryptocurrency and other things that gives power to the general population I won't be surprised this lawsuit is a cover for something else.

  3. Use Surfshark personally, really hope this doesn't go anywhere. Imo extremely unfair to hold VPN's accountable for stuff they can not control. The whole point is to be anonymous and not track user's logs or audit what they do, so it's unfair to just target them for that. Seems odd too they targetted 4 in particular, when pretty much any VPN lets you do this. Great video and coverage, keep it up.

  4. I figured this would be coming with people using VPN's to get into restricted regions for streaming they are not supposed to. People, They put these restricted regions up for a reason so only people living in that region can watch them. It is a matter of time they will put the hammer down on most of them. I thought about using a VPN but decided not to do so. I know, This world is getting crazy with censorship or not to be able to watch certain things. Same goes with IPTV services, I never used these services because of their shady operations and to good to be true services.

  5. So they are planning a lawsuit, because a VPN provider, may or may not be in violation of THEIR terms of service? If the VPN service doesn't keep logs, I don't see where there is any actual proof of illegal activity. Just because it's in a services user agreement, such as Netflix, it does not make it a law. I don't see them winning this lawsuit honestly.

  6. This is bullshit and won't fly. VPN is used because people like me don't want their surfing info known. It's a privacy thing. More people stream pirated content than download from torrent sites. The VPN companies can say why not sue Google and other search engines which points users in the direction to sites to illegally download contents. If they do get shutdown another company will pop up outside of the 14 countries.

  7. Also, I've been using Cyberghost for years, they don't keep logs. Although originally from Germany, their headquarters are based in Romania, meaning they don't belong to 5 Eyes, or that 14 Eyes garbage…Their Constitution gives them the right to not engage in such practices.

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