Virtualizing Linux on an M1 Mac! (Fedora)

The M1 Mac virtualisation saga continues after trying out Windows 10 ARM. This video will show Fedora Linux in action virtualised using ACVM, a QEMU launcher.

Download the AArch64 Fedora Image:

Download ACVM:



29 thoughts on “Virtualizing Linux on an M1 Mac! (Fedora)

  1. Noob question!
    Are there any benefit(s) for the development work(including docker) by using linux(ARM) on M1? Asking in context to few limitations on M1 Macs like unavailability of proper Go lang, Docker support, SciKit(Python ML Lib)???

  2. Can someone please test this: Download latest version of python in Linux VM, and on macOS, and do a simple benchmark? (Like generating Fibonacci sequence, or incrementing through a center million times)? I have heard that python is supposed to run faster in Linux VM as it is compiled with GCC on Linux vs LLVM on macOS. Perhaps using parallels if not qemu

  3. The day ARM Linux and ARM Windows run natively on Apple Silicon is the day Apple ushers in a new era of personal computing by creating the first mass market ARM based system that runs all of today's operating systems. I think they aren't going to do that and that is the final nail in the coffin. I'm done with both Apple and Samsung and their stupid luxury products crap.

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