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What are variables in JavaScript?
Where to store data?
How to create variables?

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21 thoughts on “Variables in JavaScript”
  1. Sir you already had made a playlist for javascript named JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners , then why another playlist for the same. Can i go with that or should i wait for you to upload all the videos?

  2. Damn.. This is the best platform to learn any programming concepts than any college or paid courses, for sure..!! Thanks for that Sir, and keep up the good work вњ”пёЏ?

  3. Your videos are awesome, I've learnt so much from them. They helped me a lot in learning while I was pursuing my post graduate diploma. I still watch your videos for studying and learning. I have recommend your channel to friends and classmates because the way you teach is phenomenal! Simply Amazing! Please keep making these videos, I can't wait for React and React Redux…

  4. I m not getting the output?
    console.log("hello world")


    [Running] node "c:UsersshafeDesktopjsfirst.js"

    [Done] exited with code=0 in 0.086 seconds

    [Running] node "c:UsersshafeDesktopjsfirst.js"

    [Done] exited with code=0 in 0.085 seconds

    [Running] node "c:UsersshafeDesktopjsfirst.js"

    [Done] exited with code=0 in 0.084 seconds

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