Unable To Transfer Server Character Slots Full 3/2

This is a new server transfer issue in New World right now.
Active Trading Post Orders (Workaround)

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11 thoughts on “Unable To Transfer Server Character Slots Full 3/2”
  1. You know it's pretty pathetic how this company has already jerked around this game way too much it's great as this game is there is way to me f**** issues going on right now and they really need to get their f**** s*** together it's not that hard they have the money if they really want the game to do well then they need to get on this now he said these lame weak updates that aren't doing jack.

  2. i think the +1 charcter is the prt one i hade the same 3/2 showing after i made a char. on the test server maybe try and delete the test server char. and see if it has any impact on it 🙂

  3. Zor was able to transfer only after logging into a shrine,she still had the issue. She saw she did have a character already on a us west server, no error like the video. But she deleted the toon and was then able to transfer

  4. i have a question on armour. is there a list anywhere for what attributes you should roll for your armour? should it be all con? or a little strength and con mixed.idk what to do but i dont want to roll BiS and have wrong attributes

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