#TRUMP Exposed everything, but its up to us to break the programming


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13 thoughts on “#TRUMP Exposed everything, but its up to us to break the programming

  1. Support Always ! I am getting you the god damn interview with Jesse Lee Peterson. I will find a way. That would be the match to the kindling that would light the Fire Storm we need.
    Just sent my first message to his organization. It is worth a shot !

  2. CM Do you have anyway to prove to the doubters of Q and your talking points about those people are dead like BILL GATES and they are puppets? I have other black Trump supporters who call Q fake and bans people for even suggesting that statement. Plus not many of them know about these pedo rings asides for the overplayed line of "Epstein did not kill himself". Plus a former Clinton Aid was murdered by the Clintons GodFather style. I wish that other people would stop talking about this after the fact, instead provide evidence that there is something fishy going on and that conspiracy theorists have more credibility based off of facts.

  3. Citizen man and chat We need to help educate other fellow Patriots and Trump supporters that for one that Trump can be reinstate and the behind the scenes events. There is some division among Black Conservatives on the laws and our fight because too many are trying to be in YT's good graces, and talking about weak stuff like cancel culture instead of fighting for our rights. Plus my state Civil rights codes don't talking about anything about medical rights violations like masks and vaccinations. Like I said I have not heard about any lawsuits in my city or state (Chicago, ILLINOIS) nor from other fellow Patriots. but we need to go far and sue the living daylights out of our officials who sold us out just for political gain. Also even though my city claims to be "reopening", but they are requiring vaccinated people to still be wearing masks at sporting events like the Bears. SO I AM MAD ABOUT THAT, AND I WISH PEOPLE WERE MAD ENOUGH TO FIGHT AND NOT SUPPORT THESE RULES AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS! https://law.justia.com/codes/illinois/2020/chapter-740/

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