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TrueNAS Core – Free, Open Source, Self Hosted Network Attached Storage an so much more!

TrueNAS Core - Free, Open Source, Self Hosted Network Attached Storage an so much more!

We’ll be taking a small series adventure into the world of TrueNAS. I’ll be starting with TrueNAS core (formerly FreeNAS). If you’ve never heard of TrueNAS(or FreeNAS), then let me explain a bit. Truenas is a self hosted Network Attached Storage solution. It is based on BSD Unix (I know the BSD folks will hate that I included Unix in there, but it’s simply for a bit more clarity).

TrueNAS has been around for years, and in it’s BSD form provides an extremely powerful, and very stable NAS platform. If you have been looking for a good way to consolidate your data and storage, then this may just be a free, open source, self hosted project you’ll love.

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Show Notes

TrueNAS Core Download

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00:00 Beginning
00:11 Install TrueNAS on a Machine:
04:55 Initial TrueNAS Settings
15:35 Email Setup
22:50 Setting up Storage with Disks and Pools
31:40 Add a User for Storage / Share Access

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7 thoughts on “TrueNAS Core – Free, Open Source, Self Hosted Network Attached Storage an so much more!

  1. I have been using Nas4Free (Now Xigmanas) for years and it does what I need, but feels kinda outdated. Would you say TrueNas has better performance or capabilities over its competitors? I've considering migrating since last year. I just noticed you are at Del Rio, greetings from your neighbor city EP, winter storm wasn't that bad on this side, all services were restored yesterday.

  2. I really wanted to get into TrueNAS a couple months ago so I could put more money towards drives but for my use case at home and the way TrueNAS expands storage I don't think it made sense so I think I'm going unraid. After I heard you mentioned TrueSCALE though I don't know whether to hold off on the build again. I'm pretty sure the storage expansion problem was a limitation of ZFS though and not FreeBSD

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