Traxxas ESC Programming


Many times people ask about how to program and how to bind traxxas remotes and esc. This should shed some light on it.
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  1. I have the xl5 3s hv esc with my 2wd brushed slash and the steering works but no throttle and when I unplug the battery and turn the esc on the throttle works for a sec then stops….

  2. All of that awesome info…and nothing worked. I did everything the exact same way as you and the light's still blinking green/red. lol This is really frustrating.

  3. Hi! On my Traxxas UDR, in the sport mode and in the training mode,the throttle trigger does not brake when the trigger is pressed for braking, but directly goes on to reverse the car.This will damage the gears is obvious.How do I program the ESC to brake first and then go to reverse motion?

  4. Somehow I ended up messing things up with a previous video even though he showed me the same steps. Thank you so much I was honestly just holding the trigger too soon and the guy in the previous video didn't explain that part thoroughly. I actually have some run time today!

  5. at this time that is a very very old video but I got to say it's a very good one well explain and I like this guy a lot better than some of the other people that's doing videos they just don't seem to have the right attitude I do have a question maybe someone can answer I have the TRX 4 Bronco and Tactical Unit they don't beep when I'm trying to program the ESC are they different than this one

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