Toxic Twitch Chat Can’t Slow Down 5up

So Twitch chat can be a bit insensitive sometimes. They really need to touch grass sometimes.
5up teaching the kids in chat how to be more empathetic people.


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Stream Date: 18th January 2021
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21 thoughts on “Toxic Twitch Chat Can’t Slow Down 5up”
  1. .
    R1: I am 99 percent sure janet vented, and I'm gonna dk this up a bit and call this a kara-janet round just for shits and giggles as my soul read. dk and wolf always kill each other on dropship, no way they don't, so they feel crew. so does hafu. I have no other info, just my random sus that I have no proof for besides janet's vent direction. it can be dd still. it can still be kimi.
    R2: I have to be real honest, I'm a little agitated by hafu constantly interrupting kimi while she was trying to recount cams info, it seemed like she already was struggling to remember and if she forgot it then it wouldn't even matter if she was on cams at all. it may actually be kimi and it seems like it, but it felt a little rude, idk. still think it's janet.
    R3: well, it doesn't really matter because it's confirmed janet. a very average and normal game.

  2. Spoiler action:

    Round one: Did Janet vent? Just based on Steve's reaction, did DK kill him? Hafu would have killed 5up I figure.
    Round two: Okay so I'm voting Janet here. Sus on Wolf. Oh man, Hafu calls out Kimmy based on info. So Janet Kimmy?
    Button: Basically it's between Janet and Wolf, so get the right kills last imposter!
    Round four: So it's only Janet, yea.

  3. Meta sussing is LITERALLY part of the game 5-up. That's like saying you get really mad at ppl for reading your tells in poker and they shouldn't be allowed to do it. It's part of the game and part of what makes it fun and a skill game.

  4. Round 1: Playing from 5up's pov strictly (ignoring that Hafu supposedly said she scanned and Steve's body is in scanner lol)
    Peter kill which is in lights seems recent, and so it's definitely not Hafu for this one at-least. Don't think it's Kara for this one either. Can't say about others, but Dumbdog left Specimen with Kimi / Janet. So most likely it's Dk / Wolf for this kill.

    Round 2: I would want to vote Wolfabelle here, but I might be wrong as this game I haven't paid attention and I am not the kind of guy who rewinds. Don't know who to trust from Kimi Hafu info, 50-50; but I think I'll trust Hafu more.

    Round 3: Hmmm I am a bit skeptical. How did Janet know Kara was in Specimen when she herself was at O2 cannisters? I was thinking Wolf to be the most likeliest killers but now I am sussing everyone based on what info they are giving, as I don't know where Dk's body was.

    Round 4: Welp I would have thrown hard on 6. Why did Hafu just clear 5up? I don't understand. In her pov, it could have been either of them. Any thoughts others?

  5. I'm always sad when Steve dies early on (which is a LOT).

    I like seeing his perspective throughout the game because it has THE funniest moments. 😂

    I wonder if there's people out there (not me) who just instantly stop watching the video whenever Steve dies.

  6. Round 1: Dumbdog hafu Kimi Janet 5up in lab, Wolf and dk still in dropship, Kara in electrical, Peter down towards weapons. We got everybody's position. And Steve died. From 5up's perspective, we didn't see Janet go down to decontamination, and she clearly came from the admin vent. This is a play along? If Peter just died, hafu couldn't have killed him. 5up is either blind or forgetful, and said nothing about catching Janet coming from a vent.

    Round 2: Holy shit these kills are basically off cooldown. Kimi is giving way too much info to be impostor. Obviously Janet is one, I'm thinking Kara is the other since she's really quiet. Secondary sus is Wolf. I don't like this vote, but I guess hafu accused Kimi? I don't understand why Janet is alive.

    Round 3: Kara buttons, and since I know Janet is impostor that clears Kara. It probably was Kimi since there was no sabotage. Wolf voted Janet too, which confirms it was Kimi (impostors wouldn't play that risky on 5 when crewmates are unsure).

    Round 4: This was guaranteed since round 1, don't need to keep playing along.

    Was 5up ever shown the clip of Janet obviously coming from the vent and how oblivious he was?

  7. round 1: with the perspective of Steve dying, hafu and Janet seem like the most sus because hafu was last into spec and Janet appeared to be coming from the vent. probably more Janet than hafu, couldn't glean anything from Peter's death but I'm feeling like kimi is probably clear from her pathing.
    round 2: can't say I agree with trusting hafu but her logic does seem convincing. kimi sounded a little bit caught so maybe I was wrong. Kara is pretty quick to vote considering she said nothing…
    round 3: I don't like Janet's clear there, but i agree hafu is probably clear. Maybe everything is just confusing me 😅 Janet is most sus to me assuming there's only 1 here.
    round 4: so it's Janet then, mostly thanks to the Steve ghost perspective.

    I can safely conclude I would be easily gaslit by this group 😂

  8. Courtilly ( she's plays in chilled/junk lobbies) said there will be a special guest in Junk's lobby tonight. She said she is excited because this person doesn't usually play in night time lobbies. It has to be Hafu, 5up or Steve right?

  9. Surely Janet left speci, vented to lab, killed Steve then vented back to admin. Even though they don’t know where Steve’s body is Janet clearly vented and 5up knows it. I think he maybe just didn’t want to ruin her game so early

  10. Round 1: We know where Steve died but unfortunately, we don't have much to go by that due to like half of the lobby went in there and all went into specimen. As for Peter, he's dead in electrical. Depends on the timing of Peter's death, it could be dk, Wolf, xCrewbars, or self-report. Kara and plushys went to office when the lights start to turn off, and Hafu is with 5up after he finished wires. I do admit that xCrewbars did look like she came from the vent, but would she vent when she left specimen with Dumbdog?

    Round 2: Another 2 deads, this time it's dk and Dumbdog. So, that leaves xCrewbars or Wolf as the killer. Dumbdog is dead in 02 but dk's body is unknown. I do think it's wolf as she was afk at the start, which is why there were no kills until she started moving and when Steve went into labs. And if it not her, then it's xCrewbars. However, it seems that plushys did saw both dk and Dumbdog at some point and when she was explaining her pathing to get to cams, it put her in a corner. I did say that she couldn't kill Peter, but Steve was dead first and who know for how long. Easily could've pair up with someone to cover up one of her kills. She's the safest bet for this vote.

    Button meeting: Just talking about more on locations and possible dk's dead body location. I still think it's 50/50 on xCrewbars and Wolf. Kara and Hafu couldn't get the kills on Steve or Peter first round, and Hafu was accused by plushys. I'm leading to xCrewbars more than Wolf cuz of the first round.
    5up could've send it! D:

    Final round: The case is closed. xCrewbars killed the wrong person. Literally it was 50/50 for me but she made it clear for me. (:

  11. For people who say "I wanna die so I can eat ______" I'm surprised no one thought of the idea to just stay on cams for the entire round.. that would for sure tick the killers off and greatly enhance your chances of being killed 🌚

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