Top 5 Programming Languages In-Demand for 2022


Hi friends! Today I am sharing with you the top programming languages going into 2022. I hope this gives you a sense of direction …


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  1. So my husband does c# and i never had confidence on learning it. i was looking a video that will list it among the best option so that i can gain some confindence on it,
    thank you tiff for including c# here! am litrally starting the c# journey today

  2. I have programmed in all these languages. I have to say C# is the easiest to code in because of its integration with Visual studio and nice syntax. But since I do a lot of reverse engineering, C++ is a must. Then there is python which I only use for Tensorflow…

  3. Everything is built from C++ almost, but not necessarily worth learning to get a job. Learn C# or Java, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS, React, VUE, or Angular. Nothing wrong with other languages that cover the same purposes but you can't go wrong with these.

  4. suggestion: javascript, C++ and python cannot be replaced. However, It will be better to compare C# and JAVA to other lanaguages and explain a bit why it were them on the list.

  5. i'm studying to become a web developper. I used to have a python class when I was studying linguisitic and to be honest i don't remember a thing about that language. But if I compare javascript to python i found it easier to learn javascript. Maybe the fact that my python teacher couldn't care less about those student who was totally new about programming. The dude reads coding book as a night reading before bed… and here I was trying to understand each chapter my teacher asked us to read. English is not my first language and that said book was in English, so I was struggling just to understand the logic of that programming language I was also facing the language barrier. But now I am happy to lean javascript though it ca be frustrating at time.

  6. You're probably better off learning rust than c++ due to all the security issues you can introduce with c++ that are prevented with rust. That and they are rewriting the some parts of the Linux kernel in rust so it is only going to get bigger

    Python is a great language to learn but to be honest in all the companies I've worked at the only time I see python is in data departments processing data etc…

  7. I loved that video, I’d love to hear more of frameworks. Like react and angular for front, Postgres and mysql, Django spring and NodeJs, what is better for what

  8. C# is Cool. .Net Core is making C# a powerful language allowing it to be cross-platform like Java, combined with and MVC, you can generate all the HTML, CSS, and JS files you need from the backend using just a few lines of code in C#.

    What I've come to realize as I am teaching myself, is to just pick any language and focus on the fundamentals like for loops, arrays, conditions, classes etc, once you got the fundamentals of programming down, you basically know all programming languages, it's just a matter of adjusting your "grammar" afterwards when switching to a new language (I know there are other differences but for beginners the differences are negligible).

  9. Just learn c and assembly and let normies write over bloated 20MB + web pages since there soydevs who can tell there bosses no to covering there shitty JS sites in ads

  10. i am learning c# because that was the first language i learned in university but i just used it for one semester and now i have forgotten almost everything, i am refreshing the basics to start doing difficult things

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