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28 thoughts on “Toast On Starting Another OTV Minecraft Server”
  1. I love the Mc Server when toast has the best Armor The Draconic one and everyone is Scared of him because he can one shot everything and he is like Dexter because he has laboratory and so much Machine on the underground.

  2. Luck roll. If they get a specific number slot they can join the server. modded enough to make it feel like a new Minecraft esque game. Then have a competition with those in the server , whoever wins get to add a new mod the server. Whether the mod is useless , helpful or will destroy the game , it must be added.

  3. Hop on someone elses server. Join a major server hosted by someone not on twitch and start playing around. No control, no power, just minecraft. I find its a great way to jsut enjoy the game again

  4. Just don’t write a plot and just play minecraft. Also invite who you would want to play minecraft with not just big names to make content with. We don’t need the rock trying to build a dirt hut and asking lilly for flowers to make it look good.

  5. The real “problem”, let’s be real, is that no one feels like playing minecraft lol. It’s too time consuming and grinding. When most of them just wanna fuck around and play variety

  6. I think the problem is that it seems too controlled, the last server it started with pre-made plots and Toast as the auto mayor who already had a building, I think if they kinda just let them all explore and do their own thing rather than forcing everyone who joins to do this same thing it'd be 10x more interesting. Then if you all agree to live in a town together you can have stuff like elections, like shops etc. And it wouldn't get so boring so quickly. I think OTV & Friends should 100% give another Minecraft server a try but just do it a little different than the last time 'cause the minecraft servers CAN be pure content.

  7. That late 2020 server when toast went around with the pistol created so many great storylines and ended with the nuke. The greatest server imo. I'd love that again. I think the issue with that server everyone played every day for like 4 weeks hard to get 20 plus friends to do that again.

  8. I feel like they stopped playing on the MC server cause the views goes down except for some of them like Michael & Toast. Which is unfortunate but that’s streaming, that’s the business.

  9. My 2 favourite MC servers was the one where Lud was Toast's servant basically lol. And then the other one where Lud built the casino. I think the only way the MC server is good is when the people on it are genuinely friends, and not just clout chasers.

  10. I think the OTV Minecraft servers are missing that 1 mod like you only get a limited amount of lives then you are dead forever kinda thing getting people enough kitted out is bad

  11. Tends to happen when you realise you can make money just playing a game. Like why play for fun when you can play and make money doing it using the same amount of effort.

  12. The part where he talked about not having a close group thats there for him, its because Miyoung got all the friends after the breakup

  13. I feel like that is one of the reasons I like hermitcraft, they don’t just invite anyone random streamer or YouTuber, and they actually play the game and advance through the game

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