Tips For Customizing Your Linux Kernel


In this video I give you some tips for customizing and working with multiple kernels on your Linux distro.

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  1. Please make a video of how to use that .config with savedconfig with the gentoo-kernel package. This is so well thought out on gentoo, I really think we should spread the word

  2. I think I was wanting to watch this to know what customisations you'd do, apart from a bunch of instructions required to install a certain driver; like.. do you have a top 10 config optimisations to give me a feel of what type of customisations are optional improvements, not just necessities for running a module you like

  3. im forced to run a custom kernel because my motherboard doesnt like splitting vfio devices, and i dont want the stuff the zen kernel has…

  4. You mention the importance to make a backup a few times…

    Do you now about the tool "etckeeper"?

    That should be installed by default on all distros. 😉

  5. Hey kenny, you should make a bot or set a filter or something that automatically removes all comments that have the string “finally it’s here” in them. There are a crazy amount of bots in all your comment sections and it’s extremely irritating

  6. Oh. This press a number to jump to found config record is huge. I spent so much time looking up those records. Especially some USB drivers nested 4-5 menus deep with each menus spanning many pages in almost random order. Thank you!

  7. I generally prefer to manually delete the config options that I want to tweak in .config with my text editor and then run `make oldconfig` so that I can manually choose to enable or disable that specific option. Allows me to have greater flexibility compared to `make menuconfig`, and I can also recycle .config files between kernel releases (I use Debian btw)

  8. one question, how come you're deepfake face is so good? somehow, you ran this face of some celebrity through your computer and the result leaves no visible artifacts! do you spend 20+ hours to a week waiting for your deepfake to render on your computer? probably why we get somewhat long stretches of no uploads from your channel.

  9. when you confuse "configuration" with "hacking"
    I changed my radio from the default fm station to am… did I hacked my radio? off course not. learn the word before you put it in your thumbnail as "kernel hacking tips"… changing settings isnt hacking u mron

  10. 8:00 you can also do `olddefconfig` to set new symbols to their default value
    EDIT: or `localmodconfig` to update your current config disabling modules not loaded

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