There Is a New Dropship Assassin Among Us

5up takes his opportunity to be Polus’s newest DROPSHIP KILLER. This will for sure frame Wolfabelle, so what a great kill opportunity for 5up.
Except…. um this is awkward, Wolfabelle is the other impostor it seems.


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Stream Date: 18th January 2021
Season 18 Playlist:


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24 thoughts on “There Is a New Dropship Assassin Among Us”
  1. Does anyone know which video contains the clip where Steve (and maybe DK) where standing outside of the light cage to catch someone venting and 5up pops out?

  2. see, i'm more like steve where i take each game as it comes. if i win, great. if i get caught, well that sucks, send my ass out of here. i don't see the point in getting tilted or trying to change minds once they're already made up.

  3. Such a weird game from 5up.
    The kill on pp was a hard-frame on Wolf: she was the last one up there with pp + she is known for those kills
    Then 2nd round he has the opportunity to say something like "I saw Wolf in weapons at the end of the round" and save her from suspicions since he knows almost for sure there is no-one in weapons & no-one saw wolf in a while since she's in the vent.
    The bait self-report on hafu I am also not a fan, that clearly backfired.
    I usually really dig 5up's impostor play, this time it was hard to follow.

  4. I like 5UP but you can tell he's about the get upset when he has to talk his way out of his kills. I feel like his frustration could be warranted because people may like to vote him out just to be safe even as a crewmate…

  5. what kinda reasoning is that 5up, that's beyond the dumbest thing any imposter has said, in meetings without hafu everyone's voices can now drown out wolf's pleas of it's not her

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