What do you call a pokemon that lives near Laboratory?
Answer: Specimon!

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Stream Date: 17th January 2021
Season 17 Playlist:


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25 thoughts on “There Are Pokémon Among Us (S17E16)”
  1. gotta say I was sussing Wolf immediately cos of the round 1 bloodbath 😅 and I was right there with the group I would have voted koji when they did

  2. Steve has died so much in round 1 to the point where I can't see him as the MC anymore.

    Seriously, I feel like we've only gotten like 10 minutes of actual Steve gameplay this season. 😂

  3. Meeting of 6: we know plushys is crew and 5up is close to hard-cleared from being in speci during round 1. I don't think sleepy would have buttoned as imposter with 3 dead, and koji sounded crew from fixing comms. We know Janet was in lab where dk or thea probably died round 1, so I'd want to vote Janet, or possibly Wolf.

    Edit: Okay so that was a weird vote. If we can get the button, we should definitely be voting Janet or Wolf now.

    Edit 2: Damn

  4. at 5:54 when 5up says "plushys I'll let you lead this one" with 60 seconds remaining I knew how it was going to end. There are very few people in this lobby who are able to lead a vote on 6 or 5. It is even worse when playing with my group of friends. I think it is one of the trickiest part of the game and one people have the most trouble with. How many games end up like this one with no-one knowing what to vote, people not voting or skipping at the end, just because there wasn't a leader who clearly stated their vote 10 seconds before the end of voting. Frustrating to watch ^^"

  5. I got Wolf bc I was pretty sure Dumbdog, Plushy and 5up didn't kill Steve at cams, and Wolf was most likely of those left imo. The comms sabotage threw me for a bit. I didn't get xCrewbars, I was not sus of her at all.

  6. Round 1:

    – Sleepy cleared since it would be really fast if he vent killed on cams after the canisters task
    – Kimi clear
    – Not 5up or DD. They seem genuine doing tasks lol
    – Koji 50/50
    – Wolf's pathing looked sus (most likely went around storage instead of going down to office)

    Round 2:

    – 50/50 between Janet and Koji, Wolf is the other impostor

  7. first time playing along..

    Round 1:
    -5up or dd cldv done a sneak kill but decided to clear them in my mind.
    -Sleepy I don't think wld button there as impostor.
    -Koji fixing comms is a very crew thing to do like his defence just made sense for me.

    Which left Janet and Wolf there for me.

  8. 1st round: It can' be 5up, Dumbdog, and plushys since they're all together in specimen. Steve died at cams, but his death does tell who's the impostor. Literally everyone (who are alive) all went right to labs or office and sleepy is in 02 doing a task while still being seen, otherwise Steve would've leave cams to not die. The only other people who's not accounted for Steve's kill is Koji. I can't see it other than Koji who killed Steve. Even if xCrewbars or Wolf did kill Steve, the timing doesn't work with how far they are and they were be lying in that case.

    2nd round: Dumbdog is dead near comms. Pretty sure Koji kill in order to save himself, so it has to be him. He even said he's in storage, which a vent is nearby and goes to storage. And if he's not it, the lights are off, so they get 2 shots in before impostors get to do another sabotage.
    Koji is gone, now to hit the button and talk more or vote off the other impostor.

    Or not cuz the impostors won there. I was wrong about Koji. I only think his partner was either Wolf or xCrewbars but because of how the meeting went, to me, it was Koji and Wolf

  9. Round 1 Spoilers – What happened?



    0:31 if you want to know what happened here, basically Wolf just vents in, kills Steve, then vents out

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