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I just want to passively consoom infotainment about something I don’t even care about for hours a day. If you dare to question my hypersocialized grifter lifestyle, or my cargo-culted nerd status, or the fact that I am always trying to patrol my superiors, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been approved for TOXIC!

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48 thoughts on “The TOXIC LINUX COMMUNITY!!!!!!!

  1. BTW I've been trying to figure out wtf is wrong with my laptop
    Freaking internet doesn't work but
    On other laptops internet works
    I tried simple install distro up to arch and Artix and Even Tiny core
    Internet connected
    Config file is ok
    But I can't use internet
    I think its time to retire my laptop

  2. You find the same type of idiots in other place like DnD, 40K, Video games…….. They alwayse are complaining and wanting the "community" to change and suit there ideas…. It's like going into a tea salon and complaining about the lake of coffee and force them to have coffee….

    I am glad that I'm not the only one being pissed by that!

  3. I hate all the armchair MBAs who demand that Linux marketshare be increased at all costs. They're the people pushing flatpaks, systemd, wayland, and demanding that half the Linux distros and desktop environments out there be destroyed in order to provide a standardized platform that is more friendly for proprietary software developers. Basically trying to turn Linux into Windows.

  4. I miss the old Luke man, watching his videos added value to my life (those LaTeX tutorials, introducing many cool software, different ways of using them, Not Related podcasts, etc etc etc). Nowadays he is just a red pilled boomer, hating on systemd, shit talking all over the internet, participating in meme wars, creating useless videos.

  5. WAOW sweetie, are you LITERALLY saying people can't POLICE BIGOTS in our COMMUNITY?!. I know I don't need to SAY it, but this is pretty HECKIN UNWHOLESOME. YA'LL just can't BEHAVE apparently.

  6. Linux too me has been good to me over the years, it runs better and is significantly more stable for me than Windows. I enjoy free software as its usually better designed and more secure/stable. I do use some proprietary software as it is nessesary for my use, too me it isn't really pointless as the underlying system runs several times better than a proprietary OS. I tend to just let people do thier own thing, as Linux allows you to do so.

    Also yeah, Community is cringe.

    Good video, and minus the jabs at certain groups (Not Furries, could care less being called a Furfag), your arguments are good.

  7. So these people are a type of "gatekeeper". From my experience, these people hate the concept of gatekeeping, but their existence revolves around getting into a position of power so that they can gatekeep those who they dislike. I think calling them "gatekeepers" could piss them off, but they would probably learn to embrace the concept the gatekeeping and make that part of their identity too. I wish I could think of a term as vicious as "grifter" that was more descriptive of what these guys do.

  8. I use Linux since 1998 along with windows, BSD, OSX and other operating systems.
    Silly people always try to force their views on others.
    FOSS is good but developers also need to produce commercial software in order to make a living.
    People that advocate that only FOSS is good propably never held a software development job in their life.

  9. The fact that the word "community" is applied here tells you already everything you need to know. A term which is often used by people that do nothing else but bitch and moan about a group of other ppl e.g "the […] community is problematic". Vice journalists be like "the game modder community and their toxic culture".

  10. The ones who go around calling everything "Community" are communists, and their activists pretend to represent the users within the target demographic. It's the same old union scam of fake representation so they can have fake consent to go ahead with their agenda that no real person actually wants. There is no "Knitting Community" much as there is no "Gaming Community". It's fake. These people need to be lynched.

  11. I belive this is a problem of western society in general, not only Linux. There are tons of people that create their identity on their beliefs, therefore if you challenge any of their thoughts they feel personally attacked. You see it all the time, people with irrational believes defending them to death because they base their life around them.

  12. I stopped using Linux for Months again, because it's still a mess for workstations. I don't like Windows but at least it works good on my hardware. Thus, I am much more productive. Linux Desktop Market share does not grow anymore. Its a dead horse…

  13. The most annoying term in tech is `powerful` …. everything proclaimed `powerful` for this or that reason …. cannot stop rolling my eyes hearing that 🙄

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