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Occasionally I work on a project only to scrap it so I wanted to show you one example. From the outside it may appear that a developer is some genius guy who can make whatever he wants. Although this is partially true (engineering is magic), many of you don’t see all of the time spent just thinking and reading… All of the footage I capture is usually the by-product of countless hours of thinking. Over the past month I’ve worked on many new things – react, I2C driver programming and containerization with docker. It’s just reminded me how large the technology stack is and everyone is a beginner at some level of the stack. I feel like I haven’t made much progress in the past month because I’ve been a beginner at a lot of new things 🙂 This is the reality and I needed a YouTube vid so I figured I would talk about it.

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20 thoughts on “The Reality of Programming”
  1. Whenever I hear people are trying to code something to edit videos I always hear they're using ffmpeg, so try using that next time if you go back to that.

  2. guy writes about all the stuff he is tech he is using to make the video, except for the IDE used for coding !! 😉 jk. im restarting to code a little (as a hobby) after 15 years so god help me understand how crazy the world has now become (dockers…whaat??)

  3. Okay I literally just clicked on this video randomly in my feed but I am glad I did. It feels reassuring to know that someone else is in a state where they are trying to focus on too many things, rather than specializing in one thing. (as odd as that is lol)

  4. Thanks to the YT Algorithm that decided to show me this. I am trying to learn R. And I have been very confused and angry the last two days

  5. well…. man….. i'm also a programmer and try me on game developer with specialisation on the logical programming stuff of mechanics with mostly undocumented or bad documented software and so on and…..yeah, i feel you programming means 2 things for me
    1. you get paid for yelling on your screem
    2. asking yourself what the heck are you doing
    and thanks to you know 3
    3. be confused most of the time

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