The Real Deal with VPNs (Don't Trust VPN Ads)


In this videoI explain what VPNs are actually good for, and why you shouldn’t trust VPN ads. ₿ Help Support the Channel …


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  1. Ive been saying this shit since day one
    "All vpns that can be advert and sponsor on clearweb are guarenteed honeypots with compliance of every law known to man and therefor offer zero true privacy"

    Im so distrusting of most vpns that i didnt even pay for the one I use. Literally just bought a textfile of an SQL scrape and one of em was able to log into a lifetime Vypr

    If anything thats the way to do it.

  2. Awesome video man, hey quick question just purchased nord vpn trying to play on fanduel they still see that I'm in California with vpn on? Know why this is?

  3. There are so many alternatives in nord, xpress, cyberghost and etc. is

    Tor, Softether, OpenVPN, Wireguard, SSH Injector (SSH, so slow as Tor or as fast as normal ISP; depends on your servers)

    note: softether and openvpn is pretty underrated and also wireguard…

  4. Haha you did it again. 0:16 you say the word shill and then you immediately bend over. Who do you think you're fooling? You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. At this point I want to interview you in voice chat because I know you know more than you're letting on in your videos.

  5. Hi Mental Outlaw. I really appreciate your video. Its technically accurate. Personally I still use VPNs since I really don't trust any Internet Service Provider and want to protect my Internet activity from people that are trying to snoop in on my Internet Activity within the LAN. Although you did mention most websites are protected by SSL/TLS–that all by itself is not enough. You also want the website to support Strict Transport Layer Security. Surprisingly, many important commercial websites don't have this. Including several online banks.

  6. You missed the biggest point.

    The purpose of a VPN is not just an encrypted web proxy. It's intended to securely extend LAN services over the internet. Of course, the big commercial VPN providers generally don't allow using their services in this way. The fact that is useful as a web proxy is merely a side-effect.

  7. If a company is pumping tons of money into advertising: It's a bad product. They need it to be seen by as many people as possible, in hopes that those who don't know better will waste their money. Disgusting.

  8. So basically, the takeaway is, since I'm big into pretending I'm an American to access content, and don't much care what my paper trail is, my VPN is doing its job

  9. Funny part about advertising, The more I see advertising, The more I thank Gee they sure did blow a lot on advertising, was there anything left for the "Product".

  10. whenever these ads are pushed so aggressively they pretty much make me loose any interest in buying the product.
    But ngl the Internet Historian ads are pretty funny …

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