Tonight was unbelievable. Special thanks to @JImmy’s Kentucky Roadshow and @CardCollector2 for hosting this incredible night all about the hobby. So many people came out and we got to meet so many of y’all. The turnout was insane and shows how strong this hobby is.

We also got to have a special discussion with collectors from #womenofsportscards! This hobby is all about spreading the love and elevating the hobby!

The Tuesday Vlog (the official vlog series for The National) will be live tomorrow!

Also for those who asked, pattyslabs youtube can be found here:

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Trade Night
12:43 – Women of Sports Cards
19:57 – Trade Night

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35 thoughts on “The National Trade Night 2021 Hosted By Kentucky Roadshow & CardCollector2 FT. Women of Sports Cards”
  1. It is one thing to have people to collect and trade with, but this community is amazing. I just got back into collecting and have not been to a show yet but love watching these videos of community members helping others out wether it is a PC card or a kid getting started. Keep up the great work!

  2. I ain't gonna lie, MOJO is hands down one of my favorite card YouTubers! You can see that you're a genuinely good person and not faking for the camera. There's a couple people I watch that you can see, its about the money and bragging rights for them! Keep up the good work dude, I watch EVERY video!!

  3. I WAS WATCHING CHI CITY. AND I TOLD HIM TELL MOJO JAY IF YOU SEE HIM JIMBO FROM SCRANTON SAYS WHAT'S UP. Bro no joke 5 seconds later in his video he's walking in in the first person he sees you it was hilarious

  4. Great video. That guy giving all the cards out is an amazing guy. What a humble and great person. Just awesome for the hobby.

  5. Thanks for the video for those of us who couldn’t come. This is amazing for the hobby! Did I hear it right at the start that Jimmy is planning to bring this to Dallas too?

  6. One of the most enjoyable things about sports cards or collecting in any other hobby, is sharing that hobby with others. Sometimes, Giving is just as much fun a receiving. Enjoy the cards and happy Birthday!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so great seeing the generous it’s and kindness, this is exactly how it should be, always! Take care!

  8. The smirk of the no.. on a modern day 1/1 card of an amazing hurt player… turning down 3 million… let that sink in… only way to turn that down… in a falling market… best have that same amounts in the bank:

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