Featuring a true Bromantic Comedy.
Will you be able to help crack the case?

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Date: 13th January 2021
Season Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgctRtQxi_19o-pEzb0t8I7iEFTcp_ysC

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26 thoughts on “The Lobby Gets Brainwashed and Fooled (S13E10)”
  1. toast really does just say a name and it happens for him. the guy has so much charisma, influence, and full blown power in the game just with his words. they voted 5up out just bc toast made a good innuendo & controlled the narrative in meetings lol

  2. Only Toast can get out 5up and Hafu anytime he likes. The power; the charisma; the confidence.
    And it's also a pleasure to vote 5up in a situation where he has absolutely no control.

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