THE END of Big Tech gatekeeping, and Intel ray Tracing goes x100 - Linux and open Source News

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00:00 Intro
00:52 Sponsor: 100$ free credit for your own Linux or Gaming Server
01:46 The EU implements new regulations against giant tech companies
03:51 System76 unveils the new Oryx Pro laptop
05:08 GNOME Health report: it’s all good!
06:15 GNOME updates a few core apps and libraries
07:23 KDE developers keep improving the desktop
08:38 Firefox 103 brings some welcome improvements
09:34 Intel engineers boost Ray Tracing performance by a 100
10:34 PopOS 22.04 now runs on a few Raspberry Pis
11:33 Fedora moves away from certain Creative Commons licenses
12:41Verified titles on Deck are falling, new SteamOS theme, Halo Infinite on Linux…
14:46 Sponsor: Grab a laptop or desktop that runs Linux out of the box
15:49 Support the channel

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Last week, the EU adopted a new text, called the digital markets act, and this ensemble of regulations will have huge impacts on the major giant tech companies
The EU takes aim at big tech:

System76 announced their new Oryx Pro laptop, 10 months after the last refresh.

There’s another look at the health of the GNOME project

GNOME at 25: A Health Checkup

As GUADEC, the annual GNOME conference takes place in Mexico, there are still some new developments and releases for the GNOME apps and libraries.

KDE developers shared more of their progress on all their projects, plus the KDE Eco project continues
This week in KDE: Tons of UI improvements and bugfixes

Firefox 103 was released, with a few interesting improvements.

Intel improves ray tracing performance on Linux with ARC GPUs by a factor x100

If you use PopOS, and you also love your little raspberry pi 4, you’ll be pretty happy to know that PopOS 22.04 is now available for the small computer

System76’s Pop!_OS Linux 22.04 Distro Is Now Available for Raspberry Pi 4 PCs

Fedora is going to restrict a certain creative commons license, namely the No Rights Reserved License, also called CC0.

Fewer gaming related stuff this week! The Steam Deck seems to have less and less new Verified titles, and more and more Playable titles added to its roster.
THere’s also a new update to Gamemode, the tool developed by Feral.
Halo Infinite Multiplayer is also now playable on Linux and the Steam Deck.
SteamOS beta also has some cool updates.

Steam Deck: The Ratio of Verified Titles is Falling. What’s Happening?

24 thoughts on “THE END of Big Tech gatekeeping, and Intel ray Tracing goes x100 – Linux and open Source News”
  1. KDE's battery performance is much better that gnome's in my experience and made my laptop much cooler, which made it so nice to use. Had to switch to gnome though as it was far too unstable to use daily. Hope they can get the glitchiness ironed out as it's such a nice and light desktop.

  2. KDE looking into power efficiency is a really exciting one for me as battery life is something that affects a lot of users.
    KDE already uses a lot less power than gnome and makes my laptop heat up less and gave me much better battery life. Had to switch

  3. NIck, no. The EU regulations are the worst that happened in the past. I understand the points they want to do and yes, good against the big tech companies, but they are actively killing E2EE with this and literally open up for mass surveillance. Next step is to route every traffic across their servers and monitor it. Signal Messenger already mentioned that with the current rules, they will not follow along. Literally death to individual freedom.

  4. 2:16 – the point on instant messaging apps seems off. Hopefully they mean sms only, because you can't just get something like Skypecord to send messages to and from whatschat. It's just infeasible technology wise

  5. Hey @TheLinuxExperiment I have the same laptop as you running Pop_OS! Since upgrading to latest Pop_OS! I can't change my keyboard's Backlit. I believe I used Slimbooks software to do that, I also tried Tuxedo's software but can't get it to work. Have you managed to get yours working? Do you have a possible solution?

  6. Talking about the Pi, I like to think 90% of computer users don't need more than a Raspberry pi and maybe some storage. During the chip shortage this could've been the solution for most office work. If there was an arm native version of only office or MS office, open office was kinda meh and had a lot of compatibility issues.

  7. Milan Crha really deserves a shout-out for his maintainership of Evolution, a pair of pants even. It's such an underrated, important piece of software and he is essentially holding the entire project up by himself. He's incredibly active and responsive on both bugs and the Evolution mailing list and its stability these days is almost entirely down to his efforts.

  8. f I paid for a device, I should own it.I should have the ability do anything with it. Apple and Google use clever tactics like software / security updates to own our devices from their Head Quarters. They charges us for buying, the device and then for renting it. Its like having the cake and eating it too.

  9. So around the same time the EU has announced plans for "AI"-powered chat surveillance, a law gets passed that forced chat protocol interoperability. In addition to the encryption interoperability issues brought up (just look how complicated it is to implement an P2P encryption system such as Element/Matrix), just consider these two EU initiatives together. Isn't it more likely that this isn't really a benevolent user-centric decision, but rather helps push forward the surveillance goal through easier implementation because shared standards? With such a interoperability standard, the EU can easily push stupid surveillance and other stupid stipulations as part of said-standard. Because all companies will be forced to operate similarly with that chat services, it becomes that much more difficult to resist implementation of these surveillance systems. It really shows the weakness of taking these state regulations, and the state regulatory approach to issues in general, at face value, as many comments here have done.

  10. The most egregious "gate keeping" I know is Apple's restriction on running my own software on my own iOS device. Does this law change that too? I mean, originally Apple had not allowed people to run their own project on their own device (create a new project in XCode, attach the iOS device, and run it on the device) at all, unless they subscribe to the annual $99 developer subscription plan. A few years later, they allowed that but only temporarily. That is, the app can only run for a week or so. Why should I pay to run my own code on my own device? Since then, I sold my iPad and have been using an Android tablet, so I do not know how that policy has changed or not. On Android side, you do not have to pay Google anything to make your own app and run it on your own device. You only pay when you register you app on the PlayStore.

    If Apple still imposes restrictions on running one's own code on one's own device, unless one pays Apple $99 a year, I hope EU's regulation stops Apple from doing so.

  11. messaging apps being interoperable caught my attention! does that mean WhatsApp could start using a standardized protocol (and by extension, will i finally be able to make local, readable backups without GDrive?

    and a minor suggestion for your video editing: in screenshots of pages with text, you might wanna consider an ease-out of the scroll down animation or something similar like a loading bar showing when the text is gonna disappear. that should make it easier to pause and read the last lines of whatever wall of text you place in video.

    thank you for the content ^^

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