So who was it in the end. Who raised Steve’s Blood Pressure, and refused to step forward?
Do you think this is a joke? Well it’s not, there are lives at stake!

#VintageSteve #MorningLobby #PlayAlong #AmongUs
Date: 14th January 2021
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39 thoughts on “"That Escalated Quickly" (S14E09)”
  1. Welp, I thought it was hafu and Ze, but it turned out to be Gabbie, which I was very doubtful even after she got voted out.
    Then, for me Hafu still was kinda obvious, her demeanor is clearly different from when she's crew. Too much speculation, not much facts and easy voting in contrast of her more factual gameplay as crew.

  2. At the end, I was surprised it was Hafu, but then I remembered the first round where she had admin info and somehow that seemed suspicious to me.

  3. Ok, got my coffee, manchego muffin, and kouign-amann. I’m more than ready to detective.

    R1: Ze, Gabbie, Skadj, Janet, Sips all in lab. From those, only Ze clear for this kill. Hafu was in admin, so could have vented and sniped.

    Does that mean 5up or Botez were the O2 people who were potentially going to kill Steve on Cams? Strange that whoever that was didn’t fix lights and isn’t fessing up. Potential killer between the two.

    5up. Where are you?! Definitely could have vented and sniped this. Though there’s also a world where neither 5up nor Botez are bad since they didn’t kill each other or immediately kill Steve? And both killers are in lab.

    R2: 5up dead in comms. Not Sips. Janet sounds sus, Hafu does not. According to her, Skadj, Janet, Botez, and Gabbie were all in the area.

    Ze was late to lights, but pathing clears him. Again. So likely between Gabbie, Botez, Janet, and Skadj. And I’m getting weird Janet vibes. Still hard to tell. Only one kill each round is making clears difficult.

    R3: Just an observation. Janet running out of office left side and immediately going down feels kind of crew. Very unlikely that an impostor would think to fake the node or water wheels there (unless it’s Hafu/5up/DD) right at the start of the round. Maybe my weird vibe on her is off?

    Aaaaand, yeah, that movement confirmed she’s crew. If this is in storage, then Gabbbbbbiiiieeee. This is not looking good for you. Her pair would probably be Ze. Botez doesn’t seem paired and reported, so probably crew. Other pair seems to be Hafu and Skadj. Weird that Hafu isn’t explaining her clear on him, that’s one of her tells.

    Hafu has sounded crew all game though (genuinely shocked 5up wasn’t bad), so def voting Gabbie, especially after her terrible defense. Ze is the pair maybe, but has he killed at all?

    R4: OK, not Ze, that actually makes sense, he was consistently clear all game. Did Hafu misclear or is she the other one? Cause she did clear Skadj for no given reason. I doubt she would bring up Gabbie having no cams info though, unless she wants to give her a chance to clear herself. Oooooooooh. And it backfired. This is Hafu!

    I don’t know why Botez would report last round, this is not her at all. Steve, it’s not Alex. It’s between Skadj and Hafu. And both are being too quiet.

    Slight possibility I’m tunneling and this is Skadj, but If I HAD to vote here I would vote Hafu.

    Post Game: WTF. They threw. Ze was a terrible kill and they still threw?!?! How does she keep getting away with this?! Haha! Honestly, Hafu pushing Gabbie was a good move, even though she did it to try and help her. Well played! And either I’m getting rusty at reading her or she’s getting better at controlling her impostor voice. That random clear should have been a dead giveaway though.

    And maaaan do I appreciate 5up being a little weirdo in O2! Even though Hafu got me with her mocked surprise afterwards. Also, 9:42: Sips yawns like he’s in pain. Also also, I miss Dumbdog.

  4. I had a feeling it was hafu round 1 but I was like no, I’m just being overly suspicious of her because I always am, and then completely forgot about it. I’m so glad I don’t play, I’d be throwing like steve and dk left and right

  5. i knew it was hafu cause she was so fixated on the dropship info when that info wasn't relevant the second Steve said the body was in lab. also with how she spoke in meetings didn't seem like how she normally acts when she's crew. also also when steve fixed lights after getting gabbie thrown out the way hafu appeared was just really sus. also also also they never specified why there was a killer between botez and steve and that just came out of nowhere to me and since hafu was the one to throw. out that accusation she had to be the imposter.

  6. when hafu said "well it's either you or steve and i don't think it's steve anymore…" it would've been a dead giveaway for me lol. i would've said "why isn't it you, hafu?". her biggest tell is her self clears when she's imposter 🫣

  7. Round 1: Skaj, Sips, Gabbie or Janet maybe.

    Round 2: There's basically no info here

    Round 3: I have no idea what's going on. I want Skadj out just because he's being annoying and I'm petty.

    Round 4: Fuck I thought Botez was probably the imposter if Gabbie was one but now that she's buttoning when she was basically accounted for. Fuck it coin flip I'm gonna go with it being Hafu.

  8. Every smart ass in the comments: it's obviously hafu bcoz blah blah blah

    Bruh! u watched the video so it's obviously obvious for u now lol

  9. I was suspicious of Hafu immediately after giving the admin info…and then had zero suspicion once she doubled down with Steve to get Gabbie out. Genius. I would have thrown too. Lml

  10. Round 1: Sips SKadj Choco Ze Gabbie all were in lab, Dk entered last. I wanna hear their route. Gabbie Sips seem to clear each other, Ze seems to be in Specimen allegedly. Hafu seems clear for now (but she could easily have gotten a good snipe). This is a great kill because in my pov almost everyone sus.
    Round 2: I just wanna vote Sips for wasting time. Well it's not Ze or Sips for this one at-least. It seems as if everyone was at O2 and someone got a snipe again. It could be anyone so I won't meta here.
    Round 3: No info at all Wohooo. Gabbie came in from the top, and she could easily have been in storage for the kill. So Yolo (I will give Hafu a break over here)
    Edit: I think I have seen this game and I know the other impostor lol.
    Round 4: Jesus Christ Botez: Wrong button; no body no info. This is no Queen's Gambit where you do every right move lady. I know Botez is not impostor because I believe I have seen this game, but I will vote her here just to teach her a lesson in buttoning.
    Round 5: Hafu's pov which I have seen about last year.

  11. Hafu was SO obvious when she gave the dropship info because it didn't matter at all since the body was in lab. Steve being so fixated on Sips didn't help either. 😂

    We need DumbDog back because Hafu's too OP at this game. 🤣

  12. Hafu's impostor tell: If she's silent at the start of meetings (not giving her detailed route from the start to end), if she's only relying and building up on the information obtained from a third person and she insists on voting on 4 even if it's not a hard accuse. That's how you know it!

    Edit: This isn't 100% accurate but it is accurate to about 95% according to my observations. Even in the first round, the moment she deflected to topic to ask who's on dropship and had no other admin info had me sussing her (cuz she gave no other info) also cuz she wanted to make it seem like she was checking admin but it was very evident that she vented in and quickly hopped on to not get sussed!

  13. How did they not know Hafu was one of them? It was so obvious during that meeting she was an imposter. I think it was on 8 when she was trying to control it

  14. I realize i've seen to much after I knew Hafu after the first meeting. trying to get a clear with admin info, she really wanted to give that info before sips spoke. she clearly vented to admin, got the info and tried to clear herself. if dumbdog was there he would have spotted that, since it is a move from his playbook.

  15. 1st round: DK is dead in labs and the people who weren't in labs are Hafu, 5up, botezlive, and Steve (even if he reported the body). Everyone else is sus since they're all in labs. Now that person who was going into electrical should've said something instead of making Steve look like a fool, and that person isn't Hafu. No sus on a certain person for now, just susing on the ones in labs.

    2nd round: One of the clears from last round died. And nothing changed. I'll pretend that 5up is the one that Steve was trying to clear from last round since he didn't want to say where he was.

    3rd round: Double kill happen. There're 3 possible killers who did the first kill and it's between Skadj, Ze, and Gabbie. No one is saying their location except for Ze and Skadj. Since one of the bodies is dead in Storage, this put Gabbie in the worst place possible but she's claiming to be on cams. However, she has no cams info, meaning she wasn't on cams in the first place. And even if she was, Skadj and Ze are doing tasks in o2, meaning she should've seen both of them. Gabbie must go!

    Button meeting: Ze died somewhere on the map, but we will never know now. Now we didn't get much info on the other body which makes me believe it's Hafu or botezlive. I only clear them for the first kill, not the whole game. Skadj could also be a killer, but Ze was conforming both his and Skadj's location last round and that helps throwing out Gabbie since she was the right choice. Personally, they should skip and see if either Hafu or botezlive is dead because Steve is getting sus so they can't kill him, And Skadj should try to stay clear from the other two. I think it's Hafu as the other impostor due to how much she's pushing but that's just me.
    Should've skipped on 4 you guys, it's the right thing to do.

    Steven time song
    Also, I was right about 5up

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