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44 thoughts on “TF Blade Gets Banned by Riot Games from TR Server!! Yassuo 200 IQ Bait.. – Funny LoL Moments”
  1. I flamed a supp who took smite and farmed my JG the entire game, including smite stealing my buffs and camps. I reported him and got a 14 day suspension. I quit the game for around 4 months after that. He's not wrong.

  2. as a player who plays in turkey's region, it's sure is a bad thing for our region's challengers to do something such embrassing, but whatever happens, it isn't cool to call someone dog, or call where they play a dog region. i like tf blade myself but flaming is never the option, it may be unlucky for him to get banned but, like i said, flaming is never the answer. it's also not cool to ssee in the comment section people calling tr server ''dog server'' ''trash region'', and such more. please consider thinking twice before typing and sending a thing, it may hurt someone

  3. Really childish of streamers to constantly complain about making a living playing games. Goes to show how fucking spoiled they are. But to be honest league would be already buried without streamers or youtube. So riot is still a dogshit company. So everything is shit

  4. Imo. The focus toxic players get and the focus troll players get should be switched. More trolls should be banned rather than toxic people. because toxic people actually still play, but flame

  5. Why does TF blade even put his camera over the trolls and comment on it and type about it literally giving them everything they want ? It's 2019 people stop blaming riot when the system picks up you abusing chat and stop being surprised you get trolled when you give them life.

  6. Dude I got chat restricted for protecting a teammate against toxic boosted players that couldn't keep their mouth shut. They were racist and offensive and I just said "boosted toxic kids enjoy ban" … wp riot

  7. At this point I guess hard inting a game is an ingame feature that Riot is encouraging, as behaviors like calling a region doshit or someone a retard are way more important and susceptible to bans.
    If anyone decides to boycott Riot, I'm joining them hands down. At least until they get their shit together with sexism, work ethic, bugs, community and report system.

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