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Tenth Webmaster: results, recording of broadcasts and presentations of speakers

On March 25, Yandex hosted the tenth Webmaster conference for marketers, website owners and business owners. This year’s event took place entirely online for the first time.

The broadcast consisted of two parallel broadcasts – for online stores and the service sector. The program was rich: 22 speakers made presentations, among whom were Yandex employees and owners of various businesses. During the broadcast for e-commerce, they talked about new trends in online retail and requirements for the team, the speakers shared their recommendations for promoting online stores. On the air for the service industry, viewers received a checklist for a contact center, instructions on how to find a marketer who will benefit the business, and other applied advice from the speakers’ personal experience. There were many cases so that businesses of different sizes could try them on.

During the three breaks, the conference participants communicated with the audience in Zoom, which resulted in a lively dialogue. Even if we didn’t manage to discuss everything, we managed to answer many questions about working in Yandex services, stay on the same wavelength and talk about painful things.

For those who could not come to the Webmaster or want to watch a second, parallel broadcast, there are recordings of broadcasts on the meeting page. Speakers’ presentations were published on the same page of the event.

We hope you enjoyed the talks and our tips will help your business. Thank you for being with us! We are waiting for you at the next Webmaster. Follow the announcements.

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