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36 thoughts on “Team BTK VS Team RRQ – NA Server Ez ? Gemik REACTS to Global Gaming – MLBB”
  1. Just can't wait for the tourney already.. Let's see what Btk has got for SEA players and ranked game totally differs from the actual tournament ?
    Agree with you gemik

  2. Kudos to btk for beating top teams. But not time yet for celebration. 10s gaming last year also beat rrq in scrimmage. Guess what?They gave savage to karltzy. Let's see first in the actual tournament. If they drub seeyousoon, then they are a contender, like Burmese ghouls in M2.

  3. To be fair they dont know who they up againts, the only one who knows is btk since most likely they snipe them, in their perspective they think they just fight againts another random so they just pick Whatever, until they saw the flag and name. Then its too late, they already lost the draft really bad.
    And also in another game pshychoo beat them with not known player on his team with little coms (only 2 of them on discord) . They cant even kill him once. Soooo chill americans. Its harder to beat joki (elo booster) in ranks than pro player anyways. Since they rarely take rank seriously.

  4. He's got a point. It's ranked game and nothing else. Pro players play different if it has a price. Also, you'll have a hard time securing a good line up against their coaches. So yeah, this game can't be used as an intel since it's an effing RANKED GAME.

  5. in SEA server , tourny pro players dont play serious at rank match , they just use it to learn their enemy ,, and im sure right now that RRQ will surely know how to beat BTK when tourny comes,,,, that happens with every SeA pro players, they never play serious at rank matvh

  6. I think gemik, bren did it on m2 no physical damage draft only magic but they almost lose but Karltzy harley manage to catch the core of the opposite team

    I think that draft was pharsa gold, Silvanna side, Harley jungle, mathilda tank, Selena support

  7. Gemik had people misinterpreting him the whole time, the plays in ranked is nothing compared to actual pro play. But for btk fans that had SEA players talk shit about btk for the past few months, they were cocky. And the SEA fans who said btk can be easily beaten by SEA GM players felt disappointed which I guess made it a messy situation. Gemik has been doing great as an OG ML player and pro coach, he doesn't deserve all this headache. Really underrated

  8. Yo Gemik u can’t let the comments get to u bro. Haters gonna hate. I root for btk, but have huge respect for SEA players. H2WO, JessnoLimit, R7, Xinn, Lemon… I’ve watched all their gameplay and learned SO much.
    But ppl DO need to respect all the practice and investment players from indo and ph put into their games.
    Edit- I’ve been watching your vids for forever. Learned so much from u thnx!

  9. It’s so funny seeing all this people coming up with excuses all the time about btk. Like saying that mythic v in sea can dominate btk. Yo now that they even clap this pro players in they rank games they say it’s not even a tournament lmao. The coaches for Onic ID say that a rank game in they server is like a tournament and mpl. Lmao show some respect to btk they bringing the storm there. Imagine if NA have mpl and legit coaches, y’all will see a lot of talented players here from NA

  10. As someone who vs btk on the regular I can also say that this was more of a fun match for all players not usual picks on zia zane and shark but I agree with genie hard to make a good prediction until we see scrims

  11. Yo to all the people who hate facts, BTK they hardy get 5 menQ in NA their niche is so small compare to SEA where they have been playing mpl for 7-8 season. Those who have brains will get it ?

  12. The thing with btk wining in rank its complicated they win, and the asian people will say that rrq wasent trying some shit like that and btk will still get shit talked, btk loses they will get shit talked again theres no win for them really. Its good obviouslty that they are wining but the scenerio of a rank and tournament the vibe will change 100% agree with that. I would like to see a scrim were they can go all out to see if this strategy works or not because that on a rnak game dosent really work

  13. U are saying in M3 RRQ have a coach to draft for them , that's the only way they can win, the mechanics team BTK have is more better , they only need a good coach to draft for them .

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