Please Support Linux Hardware Manufacturers

Even if you have no plans to run the distro that comes with the machine, try and buy a Linux variant of a device where it’s possible. This demonstrates that … Read More

Web Apps Will Be The Year Of Linux Desktop

The year of the linux desktop is just a meme but if it did actually happen, I have a prediction for what it might be like and you probably won’t … Read More

Start Gaming On Linux With This One Command

Setting up the packages you need to game under Linux can be a little bit overwhelming but luckily there’s an easier way, recently I was told about LibreGaming an install … Read More

30 Years Of Linux: What Does The Future Hold!

I’ve only been Linux for a few years but over this time I’ve learnt a lot about how my system works so I thought I’d be fun to look back … Read More

Misconceptions About Being A So Called "Linux Power User"

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This Is Fundamental To Linux Adoption

One mistake I see a lot of Linux users who want to see Linux adoption increase make is trying to convince people to fundamentally change the way they do there … Read More

The First 30 Days in Linux

In this video, I go over the first 30 days in Linux and what to expect. Support My Work —————– – Chris Titus Tech Digital Downloads ➜ – Product … Read More

Most Stable Linux Distros Are Really Semi Rolling!

Typically we split up linux distros into rolling and stable releases but in reality there are very few distros which are actually stable releases, the vast majority of these are … Read More

The Early Linux Experience

Those early days when you first start using Linux are magical, everything you do exciting, everything you change seems to have this massive effect on your system. It’s great to … Read More

Windows Users Need To Know This Before Switching To Linux

Are you thinking about switching to Linux from Windows or Mac? If so, there are some things you really need to know before making the jump into Linux. Otherwise, you … Read More