Enterprise Linux Security Episode 27 – People Problems

In the industry, we spend a great deal of time hardening our security, doing our due diligence when it comes to patching, implementing firewalls, avoiding EOL software, as well as … Read More

Выбор DE и дистрибутива LINUX обзор/гайд Лучший линукс 2022

#linux #manjaro #kdeplasma #linuxkernel #manjarolinux #линукс В данном видео я рассказываю про выбор де и дистрибутива линукс затронув все популярные де и дистры по типу xfce kde gnome, А из … Read More

LinuxFX | Linux Distro Identical to Windows 11

What’s up, Linux Community!!! In this video, I review and walk through the installation of LinuxFx. LinuxFx is a Debian-based distribution with an intuitive KDE Plasma desktop user interface designed … Read More

Linux Distros I CAN'T Stand!

I don’t have a selfie stick or a woods nearby, so listen to my microphone cut out 20 times in the comfort of my own home. 👇 Sauce: https://manjaro.org/features/fresh-and-stable/ https://web.archive.org/web/20150409042606/https://manjaro.github.io/expired_SSL_certificate/ … Read More

Install Arch Linux The Easy Way With The Official Install Script

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How To Be A Linux User

When you are new to a group, sometimes it’s hard to fit in. New-to-Linux users often find that it is hard for them to fit in with longtime Linux users. … Read More

The 5 Things That Taught Me The Most About Linux

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The Linux Laptop! // Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 Review

Review of laptop dedicated to linux that packs some really fantastic performance. The Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 is made up of hardware that works perfectly with some of your favourite … Read More

LINUX Administration tutorials || Demo – 2 || by Mr. Srinivas On 14-12-2021 @8PM IST

LINUX Administration tutorials || Demo – 2 || by Mr. Srinivas On 14-12-2021 @8PM IST =============================================================== To get latest DURGASOFT updates on trending Technologies, Please Subscribe to Our Telegram Channel: … Read More

Hey, DT! Linux Support Isn't Mentioned On The Box. (Yes, It Is!)

On this edition of HEY DT: в–є 0:00 – Intro в–є 0:18 – Linux software supported: That’s not written on the box. в–є 2:52 – You never did a video … Read More